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Book Watch Archive

Book Watch is I Programmer's listing of new books and is compiled using publishers' publicity material. It is not to be read as a review where we provide an independent assessment. Some, but by no means all, of the books in Book Watch are eventually reviewed.

PowerShell and WMI (Manning)
Monday, 14 May 2012

An example-driven guide for administrators managing networks of Windows servers and desktops. With 150 practical examples, including ready-to-reuse scripts and techniques, you'll learn the ins and outs of automating WMI via PowerShell v3. Covers of all aspects of Windows administration, including IIS, DNS and Hyper-V.


HTML5 Games Most Wanted (Friends of Ed)
Sunday, 13 May 2012

Packed full of JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, and CSS3 code, showing you how some fantastic games were built, passing on the skills you'll need to create your own great games. Contains programming tips, tricks, and optimization techniques with real-world code examples that you can use in your own projects.


iPad: The Missing Manual 4th Ed (O'Reilly)
Saturday, 12 May 2012

Apple’s third-generation iPad will dazzle you with its looks and speed, but you won’t get far without an owner’s manual to all its features. This 4th edition now covers all iPads.  It shows how to transfer media to your iPad, sync and shop wirelessly, tap into WiFi and 4G cellular networks, and use iTunes for media management.


How Google Tests Software (Addison-Wesley)
Friday, 11 May 2012

Discover practical, scalable techniques for analyzing risk and planning tests: implementing exploratory, black box, white box, and acceptance testing; tracking issues; testing “Docs & Mocks,” interfaces, classes, modules, libraries, binaries, services, and infrastructure; reviewing code and refactoring and more.

<ASIN:0321803027 >

Sams Teach Yourself Objective-C in 24 Hours (Sams)
Thursday, 10 May 2012

Master the Objective-C language, and start using it to write powerful native applications for both Macs and iOS devices! Using this book’s straightforward, step-by-step approach, make the most of its powerful implementation of objects and messaging and work effectively with design patterns, collections, blocks, threading, and more.


Windows Phone Application Sketch Book (Apress)
Wednesday, 09 May 2012

An A4 bound sketch pad that contains 150 empty templates which are best described as graph paper with a frame that reproduces the dimension of a typical  Windows Phone so that you can draft your ideas and annotate them. No informational content.


RabbitMQ in Action: Distributed Messaging for Everyone (Manning)
Tuesday, 08 May 2012

A fast-paced run through building and managing scalable applications using the RabbitMQ messaging server. Starts by explaining how message queuing works, its history, and how RabbitMQ fits in. Then shows real-world examples you can apply to your own scalability and interoperability challenges.


The Art of SEO 2nd Ed (O'Reilly)
Monday, 07 May 2012

Offers guidelines and innovative techniques that will help you plan and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy. This second edition brings you up to date on recent changes in search engine behavior, such as new ranking methods involving user engagement and social media, with tactics from basic to advanced.


Beyond Point-and-Shoot (Rocky Nook)
Sunday, 06 May 2012

Subtitled, Learning to Use a Digital SLR or Interchangeable-Lens Camera, this illustrated guide shows how to get the most out of your camera's automatic and semi-automatic exposure modes, as well as how to move beyond those modes and take full, manual control of your camera.


Technical Blogging (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
Saturday, 05 May 2012

There is no magic to successful blogging.This book sets out teach programmers and technical people the techniques to attract and keep a large audience of loyal, regular readers and leverage this popularity to achieve your goals. Whether you want to create a popular technical blog from scratch or take your blog to the next level, this book shows you how.


Java Application Architecture (Prentice Hall)
Friday, 04 May 2012

Subtitled "Modularity Patterns with Examples Using OSGi". Upcoming versions of Java will include a module system that allows you to build more resilient and flexible software systems. Modularity will change the way we develop Java applications, and you’ll only be able to realize the benefits if you understand how to design more modular software systems.


Programming With Javascript (Jones & Bartlett)
Thursday, 03 May 2012

Designed specifically for the CS1 introductory programming course, introduces students to computer science and programming using a modern approach with real-world case studies and numerous exercises throughout. Also covers 2D and 3D graphics in web pages, multitouch and gesture interfaces, distributed computing, jQuery and regular expressions.



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