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Book Watch Archive
Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets (O'Reilly)
Sunday, 15 May 2011

With Arduino, building your own embedded gadgets is easy, even for beginners. This book has six fun projects you can build for under $100 each: a stalker guard, robot insect, interactive painting, wireless smart home controller, boxing timer, and a cell phone controlled soccer robot. Gain the know-how and experience you need to invent your own gadgets. See our full review.


Remote Exposure: A Guide to Hiking and Climbing Photography (Rocky Nook)
Saturday, 14 May 2011

Alexandre Buisse goes beyond the basics of photography and gives you the tools needed to create images that are not only of good technical quality but that are compelling as well. Guides you through the various options for equipment, since the requirement for lightweight gear that is able to withstand cold, adverse weather conditions presents unique challenges.


Learning ActionScript 3.0 2nd Edition (O'Reilly)
Friday, 13 May 2011

Introductory guide for Flash designers and developers. Learn the language and how it works through hands-on exercises that build skills as the book progresses. Compatible with Flash CS3 through Flash CS5.


Microsoft Expression Web 4 in Depth (Que)
Thursday, 12 May 2011

Guidance, big-picture insights, and troubleshooting help for building standards-compliant, cross-browser web sites. Harness ASP.NET's power without writing code - and use the free Visual Web Developer Express Edition to develop robust ASP.NET apps.


Camel in Action (Manning)
Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A tutorial full of small examples showing how to work with  Apache Camel, a  Java framework that lets you implement the standard enterprise integration patterns in a few lines of code. With a concise but sophisticated DSL you cab snap integration logic into your app using Java, XML, or Scala. Camel supports over 80 common transports such as HTTP, REST, JMS, and Web Services.


Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (Microsoft Press)
Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Task-oriented guidance and extensive code samples to help you build robust business solutions. Shows how to master fundamental development techniques for SharePoint Foundation, deploy your SharePoint applications sandboxed solutions, create page templates, master pages, Web Parts, custom controls, and event handlers and more.


Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust (Addison Wesley)
Monday, 09 May 2011

Presents new and copious data to reinforce Watts Humphrey's widely adopted methods for transforming knowledge work into a significant and sustainable competitive advantage, thereby realizing remarkable returns. Addresses the broader business community who must recognize that today, every business is a software business.


Get Your Photography on the Web (Peachpit Press)
Sunday, 08 May 2011

For most photographers, the thought of having a web site that displays your work like a pro seems too expensive or too hard to create. How can you develop an eye-catching website that looks professional, updates quickly, and even helps you make some money in the process when your passion is photography and not coding?


Langford's Advanced Photography (Focal Press)
Saturday, 07 May 2011

This is the 8th edition of a guide for aspiring photographers.It covers the entire photographic process from a technical standpoint - not only detailing the 'how' but also explaining the 'why'. Looks at the workings of cameras, lenses, digital imaging sensors, software, HDR imaging, digital asset management, and even running your own photography business.


The Cloud at Your Service (Manning)
Friday, 06 May 2011

Tthe intense hype surrounding the Cloud makes it next to impossible for IT managers and business decision-makers to get a clear understanding of what the Cloud really means, what it might do for them, when it is practical, and what their future with the Cloud looks like. This book helps cut through all this fog to help enterprises make critical decisions.



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