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1 Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!
2 Learning ActionScript 3.0 2nd Edition
3 Learning R
4 Learning Scala
5 Linux Programming by Example
6 Objective-C Fundamentals
7 Objective-C Phrasebook
8 Objective-C: Visual QuickStart Guide
9 OCaml from the Very Beginning
10 Open CL in Action
11 Practical Clojure
12 Practical Common Lisp
13 Processing: Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2
14 Programming Clojure
15 Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent World
16 Programming in CoffeeScript
17 Programming in Objective-C (3ed)
18 R Cookbook
19 R in 24 Hours
20 R in Action
21 Real World Haskell: Code You Can Believe In
22 Sams Teach Yourself Objective-C in 24 Hours
23 Scala in Depth
24 Scratch Programming In Easy Steps
25 Scratch Programming Playground
26 Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
27 Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks
28 Super Scratch Programming Adventure!
29 The Art of Assembly Language
30 The Art of R Programming
31 The Book of R
32 The Go Programming Language Phrasebook
33 The Scheme Programming Language
34 WebLogic the Definitive Guide
35 Windows Scripting

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