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Packt Skill Up Survey Proves Programmers Are Mostly Full Stack
Jun 19 | Janet Swift
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Packt has shared the results of its recent Skill Up Survey. It joins the line up of reports that give us insights into the current developer population and reveals some interesting differences.  

Chrome Closes Down Inline Installation
Jun 18 | Lucy Black
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This news is something you will applaud, but I'd ask you to also think of what is lost. The Google Chromium Blog has announced that no longer will Inline Installation of extensions be allowed. The browser has become walled garden and another piece of programmer freedom has evaporated.

Don't Neglect Open Source Security
Jun 18 | Limor Leah Wainstein
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In today's fast paced and competitive development environment, we are increasingly making use of open source components to avoid constantly recoding standard features. This introduces security concerns and here we look at some useful resources to understand the potential problems in order to tackle them.

Canada's RAND Immigration Lottery Not Random!
Jun 17 | Lucy Black
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Well of course it isn't, but that doesn't stop people who should no better from stirring up a mock disgust and alarm. Oh dear we programmers are at it again, cutting corners with our job lot of not-quite-perfect random numbers.

AI Predicts World Cup Winners
Jun 16 | Kay Ewbank
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An AI system has been used to calculate the likely winners of this year's FIFA World Cup; and the real shock is the system didn't pick Germany. The FIFA World Cup 2018 is underway at the moment in Russia, with 32 teams from across the world taking part.

June Week 2
Jun 16 | Editor
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If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on I Programmer to sift through the news and uncover the most interesting stories. Our weekly digest also covers the week's articles, books reviews and additions to Book Watch.

Oracle Says Drop Nashorn From JDKs
Jun 15 | Kay Ewbank
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Oracle wants to deprecate the Nashorn JavaScript Engine and remove it from all future Java Development Kits. The details emerged as part of a JDK Enhancement Proposal.

Node.js Even Its Creator Thinks Its Flawed
Jun 15 | Ian Elliot
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You have to admire Ryan Dahl for creating node.js, even if you don't like it - and there are plenty of people who don't. Now he is back with  an admission that node.js isn't as good as it could have been and has something better to offer - Deno.

Atom v Visual Studio Code - The Unexpected Consequence Of Consolidation
Jun 14 | Mike James
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OK, so you got upset about Microsoft taking over GitHub, but after a lot of reassurance you can see that commercial interests mean that Microsoft isn't going to trash GitHub - well not at first. But what about Atom? Can MS really afford to have two products in the same area?

Why Article 13 Must Be Stopped
Jun 14 | Sue Gee
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With only days to go before a crucial vote on EU copyright legislation could have a drastic impact on the internet and, as many others have pointed out, spell the end for memes, Internet luminaries have spoken out and expressed their concern about Article 13.

Visual Studio 2019 Will Include IntelliCode
Jun 13 | Kay Ewbank
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Early details of Visual Studio 2019 have emerged, though details are few and the main news is that development is underway.

Are You A Typical Developer?
Jun 13 | Janet Swift
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JetBrains has conducted a survey of 6000 developers. It found Java to be the most popular programming language followed by JavaScript and Python. Go was discovered to be the language that devs were keenest to adopt in the future. We now look at a selection of its other findings.

Apple Launches JavaScript Map Kit
Jun 13 | Kay Ewbank
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Apple has released a beta version of a JavaScript library for working with interactive maps on web pages. MapKit JS provides map rendering that is optimized for various browsers and devices, and supports native gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and two-finger rotate.

Statistics & Data Science MicroMasters on edX
Jun 12 | Sue Gee
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There is no let up in the demand for Data Scientists, nor in the interest shown in this emerging field. Enrollment has just opened for an online program that can serve as an accelerated route to gaining a Master's degree at seven universities and also provides a valuable professional credential in its own right.

Microsoft Showcases Key Value Store
Jun 12 | Kay Ewbank
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Researchers from Microsoft have presented a new embedded key-value store called FASTER at SIGMOD 2018.

Google's DeepMind Files AI Patents
Jun 11 | Mike James
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When you see the list of patents that DeepMind has filed you will be shocked and not in awe. It reinforces not learning, but the idea that all software patents are stupid.

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