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More Cash For Internet Bug Bounty
Jul 25 | Alex Armstrong
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The Internet Bug Bounty, a program that exists to make the internet safer by catching more vulnerabilities in internet infrastructure and open source software has received $300,000 in new funding.

Wireshark 2.4 Increases Protocol Coverage
Jul 25 | Kay Ewbank
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There's a new release of Wireshark, the network protocol analyzer, with more protocols supported and experimental support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows installer packages.

Slack - Where Work Happens
Jul 24 | Sue Gee
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Looking to be recognized as more than a messaging platform and shifting the focus to workflow, Slack is also putting new emphasis on its developers.

RethinkDB Moves On Under Community Governance
Jul 24 | Kay Ewbank
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The team behind RethinkDB has released the first version since it was taken under community governance. The main changes to this version are bug fixes and stability improvements, but it shows that the team is moving forward.

AI Applied To Cookies
Jul 23 | Lucy Black
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Are you one of those people who, when eating an unfamiliar dish, attempts to work out its ingredients in order to re-create it at home? It's something programmers are particularly prone to and now researchers at CSAIL are giving it a deep learning makeover.

Bitcoin Averts A Split
Jul 22 | Mike James
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The big problem with Bitcoin is that it has been far too successful. The algorithm it uses is a brilliant, if slightly unworkable, solution to the problem of distributed trust. It works, but it is slow by design. Now there are moves to improve the algorithm and this has nearly split Bitcoin into two different cryptocurrencies.

July Week 3
Jul 22 | Editor
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It's hard to keep up with all the developments in the developer world. I Programmer's team cover a wide range of topics, from AI to web development with comment and analysis you won't find elsewhere. This summary covers this week's news, articles and book reviews.

Intel Divests Itself of Wearables
Jul 21 | Harry Fairhead
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According to a report that originated with CNBC and has been widely circulated, Intel completely eliminated the group concerned with wearables earlier this month.

Apache Spark With Structured Streaming
Jul 21 | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Spark 2.2 has been released with Structured Streaming no longer experimental. The accompanying release of PySpark is also available in pypi.

Stack Overflow Channels In Beta
Jul 21 | Sue Gee
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Stack Overflow is launching a new product. Stack Overflow Channels is targeted at teams of developers within companies who want a secure, private space to ask and answer proprietary questions.

Rider IDE Improves Webstorm Support
Jul 20 | Kay Ewbank
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There's a Release Candidate of Rider, JetBrains' new cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper.

Mozilla Wants Your Voice
Jul 20 | Lucy Black
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Mozilla has launched Project Common Voice to crowdsource speech recognition. Once a massive amount of audio data has been captured, it will be made available for others to use in their own applications.

Game Of Thrones Analysed
Jul 19 | Mike James
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In a new paper, brilliantly timed to coincide with the start of the new series of Game of Thrones, we have an analysis of its main protagonists in terms of network theory 

Python Heads IEEE Spectrum Language Ranking
Jul 19 | Janet Swift
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The language that comes top in this year's IEEE Spectrum Ranking is Python, closely followed by C and Java. However if you think another language should be the most popular one, simply use its interactive tool to change the weightings!

SQL Server 2017 RC For Windows And Linux
Jul 18 | Kay Ewbank
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SQL Server 2017 is now at Release Candidate 1, and is available for download with support for Windows and Linux.

SDD Deep Dive 2017
Jul 18 | Sue Gee
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An event offering seven concurrent workshops into today's leading technologies takes place in London in November. The number of places at each workshop is strictly limited so it is worth booking early. If you do so by Friday 28 July you can save £300.

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