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Bring Back RoboGames And Inspire Underprivileged Kids
Oct 25 | Lucy Black
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A new series of the show in which weaponized robots wage battle in the arena is planned for 2015 - but only if  $40,000 can be raised on Kickstarter. This isn't just a commercial venture. Instead it aims to reach a new generation of robot enthusiasts.

October Week 3
Oct 25 | Editor
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I Programmer reports news of interest to developers. We cover new releases of languages and tools and a lot more besides. Sometimes we are controversial and we always welcome your comments. This round-up covers October 16-22.

Kinect SDK 2 And An Xbox Adaptor
Oct 24 | Harry Fairhead
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The Kinect is a well developed depth camera, but the SKD for version 2 is only just rolling out. You can now also use the Xbox One Kinect with the PC and create Windows Store apps. Is this the start of the new Kinect era?

Google DeepMind Expands
Oct 24 | Sue Gee
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Furthering its push into artificial intelligence research Google has acquired two more UK AI start ups and announced a partnership with Oxford University.

Survey Indicates Fast Take Up Of Java 8
Oct 23 | Janet Swift
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Survey findings suggest Java 8 take up is faster than expected and developers are already starting to think about Java 9. 

Raspberry Pi Gets HAT Touch Screen
Oct 23 | Harry Fairhead
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The founder of Raspberry Pi was interviewed about all things Pi and gave way some hints on what is coming in the near future.

Google Adds Firebase To Its Cloud
Oct 23 | Kay Ewbank
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The acquisition will add the Firebase backend service to Google's Cloud Platform lineup making it easier for developers to sync data across web and mobile apps.

Synaptic - Advanced Neural Nets In JavaScript
Oct 23 | Mike James
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This is a project you need to know about if you have an interest in AI or teaching AI. Put simply it is JavaScript library that lets you implement and work with neural networks. What's special is that this one lets you do much more than a simple introduction.

Doctor Who Teaches Programming
Oct 22 | Sue Gee
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Dr Who is a sci fi hero to a great many kids and not so kid like techies. What could be more logical than to get him, and everyone's favourite killing machine, the daleks to teach programming and all cleverly disguised as a game. 

Windows 10 Suggestion Box
Oct 22 | Mike James
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Microsoft seems to have decided to use UserVoice to get feedback about what should be in Windows 10. What is really surprising is that users don't seem to have a clue.

AngularJS Superluminal Nudge Released
Oct 22 | Kay Ewbank
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Google has released AngularJS 1.3, codenamed "superluminal-nudge" on account of its substantial performance improvements.

Python Tools for Visual Studio Gets New Focus
Oct 21 | Alex Armstrong
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PTVS 2.1 has just been released and now can be used for free with Visual Express. The more interesting news is that the PTVS team has become part of the Azure Machine Learning group and it PTVS2.1 already has some Machine Learning templates.

IBM Launches IoT Foundation
Oct 21 | Harry Fairhead
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Just about everyone you can think of wants a slice of the Internet of Things pie and now IBM has placed its best bet for securing its IoT profits in the future - the IBM Internet of Things Foundation. What are they trying to sell you?

Debian And The Systemd Storm - Ready To Reconsider?
Oct 20 | Alex Armstrong
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Debian has adopted systemd in place of the existing init system and this seemingly small technical change is creating mayhem. Is it about to move back to init or will the Fork Debian group have to go though with their threat?

Ceylon 1.1.0 And Ceylon IDE 1.1 Released
Oct 20 | Kay Ewbank
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A new version of statically typed language Ceylon has been released with performance improvements, API optimizations, and new features. The Ceylon IDE also been improved.

Linus On Linux And Strong Language
Oct 19 | Mike James
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In a recent video made of a Q&A at this year's LinuxCon, Linus Torvalds says some interesting things - including some comments about his interesting robust style. It also gives us the amazing one-liner, "On the Internet nobody can hear you being subtle."

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