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Amazon Inspector For Security Compliance
Oct 13 | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon has released an automated security assessment service that you can use to improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS. It is currently in preview and by invitation only.

Intel And SparkFun Edison Webinar
Oct 13 | Lucy Black
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Intel and SparkFun are running a "Bright Ideas" webinar tomorrow to introduce the potential offered by the Edison Board and SparkFun blocks.

Computer Science Officially US STEM Subject
Oct 12 | Sue Gee
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President Obama has signed into law a bill that expands the definition of STEM to include Computer Science. This represents a step forward in the push to get CS into the school curriculum in the United States.

Fayde - Silverlight In JavaScript
Oct 12 | MIke James
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There are programmers who think that Silverlight was an approach to creating web apps that put the desktop into the browser in the way in should be done. Microsoft killed Silverlight mainly for reasons of internal politics and because browser add-ins were getting a bad name. Now we have Fayde. which is Siverlight in JavaScript. What's to not like?

Webinar For Intel RealSense Experience
Oct 12 | Sue Gee
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Intel's RealSense technology opens up new ways for users to interact with their computers. To see what other developers have already achieved, sign up for a webinar taking place on October 14.

Is This Your Next Major Phone Platform?
Oct 11 | Lucy Black
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Robotics is a nightmarish world filled by robot snakes, terminators and ... phones that can run away from you. This is no joke. A phone as a bipedal robot is Sharp's latest invention and soon to be product. Could this be the personal assistant we have all been waiting for?

Simulating the Turing-Welchman Bombe With A Pi
Oct 10 | Historian
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If you are looking for a weekend software/hardware project how about buidling your own working replica of that most iconic of machines, the Turing Bombe?  Simon Jensen's reverse engineering project uses C++, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.

October Week 1
Oct 09 | Editor
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I Programmer reports news of interest to developers. We cover new releases of languages and tools and a lot more besides. Sometimes we are controversial and we always welcome your comments. This round-up covers October 1-7.

Amazon Introduces Quicksight - Cloud BI
Oct 09 | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon has announced a preview of its new cloud-powered business intelligence service that’s designed to be easy to use and much cheaper than traditional BI solutions.

Pivot Turns To Wearables
Oct 09 | Alex Denham
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GE is continuing its push to encourage developers to create applications for the Industrial Internet of Things, with Pivot, a podcast series about the real opportunity of the Industrial Internet. Having looked at drones, it now puts the spotlight on wearables.

Perl 6 Unveiled
Oct 08 | Alex Armstrong
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After more than a decade in preparation, Perl 6 is near to being launched. Its new features were unveiled by Perl creator Larry Wall at an event in San Fransisco on October 6.

Google Speeds Up Mobile HTML With AMP
Oct 08 | Mike James
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Google has stepped into the web arena once again with AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is built on HTML and associated standards and the way that it achieves its speed up is to do more with less. 

Microsoft Hololens Development Edition
Oct 07 | Sue Gee
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Microsoft has announced the price of $3000 for the HoloLens Development Edition and is inviting devs in the US and Canada to apply for the chance to be able to purchase the first units.

Twitter Switches Off JSON API - No More Tweet Counts
Oct 07 | Ian Elliot
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Hiding behind a redesign of its sharing buttons, Twitter is finally closing its original API that made it possible to find out for free how many times something has been shared. You can still get the data, but you will probably have to pay. 

Continuum - Microsoft's Killer Phone Feature?
Oct 07 | Mike James
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Microsoft has just unveiled new hardware, but what might be more important is the first look at its Continuum system that allows a phone to be used as a PC. Some are claiming that this is a game changer.

Tiobe Tweaks Algorithm To Eliminate Spikes
Oct 06 | Janet Swift
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Several languages saw jumps or dips in September's Tiobe index due to the use of an improved algorithm to remove statistical noise. In October Objective-C dropped out of the top 10 and Ruby rose to replace it.

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