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React 0.14
Jul 07 | Alex Denham
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Facebook has released a beta of the next version of React, its open source JavaScript library.

Mozilla Plans Firefox Rebuild
Jul 07 | Ian Elliot
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Firefox has been slipping in the popularity stakes. The once popular browser is now down to a 12% share of the market. Can a complete redesign of its internals be a way to bring it back to its former glory?

Microsoft Offers Research Grants For HoloLens
Jul 07 | Sue Gee
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Microsoft HoloLens opens up amazing opportunities for creating "mixed reality" experiences. Now Microsoft is offering incentives to academic reseach institutions in the United States to come up with novel ideas for what these experiences might be. 

Top Languages 2015 - Stasis But For Go And Swift
Jul 06 | Harry Fairhead
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There are other language statistics surveys and not just the Tiobe index. The Redmonk six monthly language rankings are well thought-out and well implemented and they reveal something interesting.

Orion 9.0 Released
Jul 06 | Kay Ewbank
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The latest version of Orion has been released with improved JavaScript language tooling features.

The State Of Driverless Cars
Jul 05 | Lucy Black
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A new TED Talk from the head of Google's driverless car program indicates that we might be closer to the big revolution than we think.

Microsoft Open Sources WorldWide Telescope
Jul 04 | Sue Gee
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An amazingly rich resource for professional and amateur astronomers has been open sourced by Microsoft and become an independent project as part of the .NET foundation.

June Week 4
Jul 04 | Editor
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Feeling overwhelmed by too much news? If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on  I Programmer to sift through all the news, uncover the most relevant stories and deliver the highlights each week.

MathML 3.0 Is An International Standard
Jul 03 | Mike James
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The story of MathML is not a happy one. It is a good idea - create a markup language for mathematical equations - but for some reason people just don't seem to want to get behind it.  Will the new official status of MathML 3.0 make a difference?

ASP.NET 5 Beta5 Released
Jul 03 | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has released ASP.NET 5 Beta5 as an in-place update to Visual Studio 2015 RC with new features, improvements, and bug fixes.. It is the update to the ASP.NET runtime rather than the Web Tooling features for Visual Studio and replaces Beta4, which shipped with VS2015RC.

Java 8 Lambdas & Streams MOOC
Jul 02 | Sue Gee
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If you are a Java developer who has heard about, but not yet mastered, Lambda expressions, which are a key new feature of Java SE 8 (JDK 8), a new hands-on MOOC, starting this month, will help you get up to speed.

Qt 5.5 Released
Jul 02 | Kay Ewbank
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Qt 5.5 has been released with a simpler product range, performance improvements and better cross platform support. It also introduces two new modules that extend its set of 3D APIs.

Windows 10 SDK Update
Jul 02 | Mike James
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The promised update to the Windows 10 SDK and tools is now available, but while it includes some nice new features it might not impress everyone.

A Neural Network Chatbot - Surprisingly Human?
Jul 01 | Mike James
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Given the controversy surrounding chatbots and the Turing Test, it would seem unwise for neural networks to challenge the same problem. As you might guess, they have and the result is the predictable over-claiming of the result. 

Atom 1.0 - GitHub's Hackable Editor Becomes Stable
Jul 01 | Lucy Black
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A year after launching a public beta GitHub's open-source code editor Atom has gone stable. Atom 1.0 has improved performance and support for ES6 language features and no longer has limitations on file sizes.

Supreme Court Refuses To Reconsider API Copyright Decision
Jul 01 | Sue Gee
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In the latest twist to the Oracle versus Google lawsuit over Java and Android, the Supreme Court has declined to consider Google's petition to reconsider the issue of copyright, essentially finding in favor of Oracle.

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