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PiDP - A Pi Based PDP-8/I
Aug 29 | Harry Fairhead
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If you missed out on the paper tape eating, blinking light flashing, key switch programmed phase of computer hardware then you can catch up with the PiPI-8/I. It is a fairly complete recreation of the experience of using a PDP-8.

Twitter Flight Now Taking Applications
Aug 28 | Sue Gee
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Flight is the name of the Twitter Developer Conference and we are not referring to apps but to requests for tickets to this this year's event which takes place on October 21st in San Francisco.

NetBeans 8.1 Beta
Aug 28 | Alex Armstrong
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The latest version of the NetBeans IDE features a range of new tools for HTML5/JavaScript and supports mixed Java/C++ development. It is now available for download in beta.

August Week 4
Aug 28 | Editor
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Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No worries -  if you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This one covers August  20 - 26.

HP Helion Webinars
Aug 27 | Kay Ewbank
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HP is hosting a series of webinars for developers who want to learn more about cloud development with HP technologies, starting with an introduction to the HP Helion OpenStack project.

Daily C++ Hints
Aug 27 | Sue Gee
article thumbnail is a new free resource for C++ developers that provides insights that should help you improve your understanding and avoid the pitfalls that others have fallen into.

Edge on Windows 10 VMs
Aug 27 | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has created Windows 10 virtual machines for download to coax people into testing Edge, the web browser replacement for Internet Explorer.  

Android Outstrips Apple ...
Aug 26 | Janet Swift
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... on almost every count. The one where Apple still wins is in terms of developer revenue, but perhaps that doesn't really matter so much. 

Do We Need More Emojis?
Aug 26 | Kay Ewbank
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The Unicode Consortium has accepted another 38 emoji characters as candidates for Unicode 9.0, with new characters including bacon and a duck on the list. Why could we possibly need a duck?

Now You Can Buy The Raspberry Pi HAT That Went Into Space
Aug 26 | Harry Fairhead
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OK it hasn't actually got to space just yet but it is on its way. When the Sense HAT was announced everyone seemed envious that this multifunction add-on board was available to space men but not to us IoT men. Now it is and for just $30. 

Firefox 42 Developer Edition
Aug 25 | Ian Elliot
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Firefox 42 is now the Developer Edition. It brings with it the enforcement of Add-On signing, but there are also other features that are less controversial.

Twenty Years Ago Window 95 Was Released
Aug 25 | Mike James
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As far as personal computing is concerned the release of Windows 95 twenty years ago marked a change from the old ways of doing things to the new. You could say Windows 95 was the first step to 21st century computing. Where were you when Windows 95 hit the shelves? 

Underhanded C Contest 2015 Launched
Aug 25 | Kay Ewbank
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The latest annual Underhanded C Contest has been launched, with a new challenge for writing innocent-looking C code that is as readable, clear, and seemingly trustworthy as possible, yet covertly implements a malicious function.

Firefox To Adopt Chrome Extensions
Aug 24 | Ian Elliot
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Mozilla has announced that Firefox is taking another step to becoming just like Chome. Put simply, Firefox is dropping its core technology XUL and XCOM and adopting Chrome add-ons in place of its own. 

Facebook's Relay For React Open Sourced
Aug 24 | Alex Armstrong
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Facebook has open sourced a technical preview of Relay, its framework that enables declarative data fetching and updates for React applications. Relay v0.1.1 can be downloaded from GitHub together with a starter kit with the components you need to try it out.

Brian Kernighan On C
Aug 23 | Alex Armstrong
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If you know any C you will know that Brian Kernighan is one half of the team responsible for the seminal book The C Programming Language or just K&R (the R for Dennis Ritchie) that most of us have heard of if not actually read.

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