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IPython 3.0 Released
Mar 05 | Alex Armstrong
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IPython 3.0 has been released with improved support for languages other than Python. Looking forward to the next release the project will be split with its language agnostic components moving to Project Jupyter.

Game Engines For Free
Mar 05 | David Conrad
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This week's Game Developers Conference has seen announcements by the three big game developers that you can have their game engines for free - or at least with minimal strings attached. The big question is why and what does this change?

Microsoft And Universal Apps
Mar 04 | Mike James
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Microsoft has chosen to talk about universal apps at this year's Mobile World Congress, but real hard facts are still thin on the ground. What has emerged has that sort of PR speak that indicates that perhaps Microsoft isn't really sure what it is all about. 

AI And Growing Old In-Place
Mar 04 | Lucy Black
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Can AI and robotics help with one of our most serious social problems - the aging of the population. 

Google Shrinks List of GSoC Open Source Organizations
Mar 04 | Sue Gee
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The list of mentoring organisations for Google Summer of Code 2015 has some surprising omissions. The Linux Foundation and Mozilla are among those missing from the list of just 137 open source organisations.

The New OpenGL - Vulkan and SPIR-V
Mar 03 | Sue Gee
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Previously referred to as the Next Generation OpenGL, Vulkan is the new open standard cross platform graphics API. Khronos has now made it available in technical preview and also released the provisional specification of Open CL 2.1.

Google's DeepMind Learns To Play Arcade Games
Mar 03 | Mike James
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Google has another breakthrough in AI and it's big enough for a paper in Nature - so what exactly is it all about?

HBase 1.0 Released
Mar 03 | Kay Ewbank
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 Apache has announced the availability of HBase v1.0, a distributed, scalable, database for Hadoop and HDFS.

Apple And Google Break W3C Standards
Mar 02 | Ian Elliot
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The story of pointer events and its API is a complicated and divisive one, but now that it is effectively a W3C standard browser makers should start to support it. The problem is that Apple won't and Google probably won't unless Apple changes its mind. 

Firefox 64-bit For Windows Coming Soon?
Mar 02 | Alex Armstrong
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The long-awaited Windows 64-bit version of the Firefox browser is in prospect. It is already available to download in the Firefox Developer Edition Channel.

Waterbear Spaceship - Conway's Life
Mar 01 | Mike James
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What do programmers do for fun? Some play code golf, some contribute to open source, but some try to build an alternative universe within Life. Waterbear is an amazing testament to what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. 

New Milestone For Google - 1000 Chrome Experiments
Feb 28 | David Conrad
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To celebrate reaching 1,000 Chrome Experiments that showcase what you can do in the browser with HTML5 and JavaScript, the Google Chrome has created an experiment that visualizes every other experiment on the site.

February Week 4
Feb 28 | Editor
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If you want to keep up with what's important from the point of view of the developer, you can rely on the  I Programmer team to sift through the news to select items that are of interest. This one is for February 19th to 25th.

ASP.NET 5 Cross Platform - But Is It Still ASP?
Feb 27 | Mike James
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Microsoft has announced version 5 of ASP.NET and seems pleased that the 15 year old technology is alive and well - but is it? If you replace the heart, mind and soul of a technology all you have left is the name.

Firefox 36.0 Released Firefox 37.0 In Beta Channel
Feb 27 | Ian Elliot
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Firefox 36 implements support for the HTTP/2 network protocol which should lead to it being faster, more scalable and more responsive. 

All Change For Pwnium V
Feb 26 | Alex Armstrong
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Google has scrapped its annual one-day contest to demonstrate vulnerabilities in Chrome. In future bugs can attract rewards all the year round.

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