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PostgreSQL 9.4 Released
Dec 22 | Kay Ewbank
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The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released PostgreSQL 9.4, with improved JSON support, replication and index performance.

The Snake Robot Arm Gets Everywhere
Dec 21 | Harry Fairhead
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To be honest - this robot makes the cut because watching it is hypnotic. It moves like something out of a science fiction movie and is very impressive. But be warned, if you don't like wiggly things or the Martian probes from War Of The Worlds, look away now. 

Jeff 1000 And Summer Glau
Dec 20 | Lucy Black
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This is just for fun - but we wouldn't have you miss it. See the first three episodes of Jeff 1000, the everyday story of a robot that just wants to make good in Hollywood and in the human world in general.

December Week 3
Dec 20 | Editor
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If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on  I Programmer to sift through the news and uncover the most relevant stories. Our weekly digest gives a handy summary. This one is for December 11-17.

Google To Close Freebase and Open Up Knowledge Graph
Dec 19 | Alex Denham
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Google is shutting down Freebase, its semi-structured database of well-known people, places and things, but plans on offering access to Knowledge Graph.

Upgrade Git Client To Avoid Vulnerability
Dec 19 | Ian Elliot
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If you use Git or GitHub then you need to upgrade you Git client to avoid a potential security breach. 

Microsoft Updates Data Platform
Dec 19 | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has updated a number of components in its data platform including Azure SQL to offer better analysis of big data. The services that are being updated include Analytics Platform System (APS), Azure SQL Database and other Microsoft Azure services.

Mozilla Goes Its Own Way On Web Components
Dec 18 | Ian Elliot
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Mozilla has decided not to stick strictly to standards in implementing Web Components. When you look a little more carefully at what is going on it seems to be inevitable that it has to break out of the standards. 

Skype Translator Cracks Language Barrier
Dec 18 | Sue Gee
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Skype has started to roll out the "first phase" of its live speech translating feature. It is between Spanish and English for now and there is also text translation for instant messaging in more than forty languages.

Dr Dobb's Bites The Dust After 38 Years
Dec 17 | Mike James
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If you don't know Dr Dobb's - or Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia - then you probably missed out on a great era of computing. Sadly this iconic publication has just announced that it is closing and the reasons are worth exploring.

Deep Learning Chess
Dec 17 | Alex Armstrong
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Usually chess playing programs take a search approach to finding good moves, but why not see if a deep neural network can do the job without the need to hand tune game algorithms.

Asterix DB – Big Data Management System
Dec 17 | Kay Ewbank
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A new database designed specifically for managing semi-structured information has been made available in beta form.

Go 1.4 gets Android support
Dec 16 | Kay Ewbank
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A new version of Go has been announced by Google with support for developing native Android apps along with better garbage collection.

Google Drops Google Earth API
Dec 16 | Ian Elliot
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Google isn't one to keep something it doesn't want hanging around just in case someone else still wants it. So another API bites the dust. You have one year to - do what exactly? There is no alternative to migrate to.

Microsoft Buys HockeyApp
Dec 15 | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has acquired the analysis and app distribution service HockeyApp.

Create 2 Roomba That Doesn't Suck
Dec 15 | Lucy Black
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iRobot's Roomba is the iconic robot vacuum cleaner - but it leads a double life, moonlighting in STEM education. The company has just launched Create 2, an updated model for those interested in hacking robot behavior.

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