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August Week 3
Aug 23 | Editor
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Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No worries -  if you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This one covers August 14 - 20.

Blockly Games Introduce Kids To Code
Aug 22 | Sue Gee
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Google has launched a set of games where instead of just playing you write the code. Using Blockly requires little or no typing and lets young or novice programmers discover core coding principles in an intuitive way.

C++ 14 Approved
Aug 22 | Alex Denham
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The ISO C++14 draft international standard has been approved and will be published later in the year.

Java JDK 9 Proposals
Aug 22 | Kay Ewbank
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Oracle has announced the first set of proposed improvements for inclusion in Java 9.

Xamarin Mac Updates
Aug 21 | Alex Armstrong
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Xamarin has announced a Unified API for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac which  allows developers to support both 32-bit and 64-bit applications with the same source code (as well as binaries) on both Mac and iOS.

SharePoint Conference Deadline
Aug 21 | Kay Ewbank
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If you want to attend the SharePoint Connect conference this November in Amsterdam, there are just ten days left to qualify for the Early Bird discount.

Robots That Can See Through Walls
Aug 21 | Harry Fairhead
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Using WiFi signals a pair of robots can detect unseen features behind thick solid walls and can differentiate between materials, giving the ability to detect the presence of humans.

Code In The Classroom
Aug 20 | Sue Gee
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Continuing its push to give all school students the opportunity to learn to code, is inviting educators to check out the beta of its K-5 Computer Science Curriculum, which will be launched in September.

Speed Data Is Enough To Track You
Aug 20 | Mike James
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If I tell you how fast I have been driving and for how long, you might think that the best you can do is to compute the radius of the circle I must be in given my starting point. In fact, the data provides much more information than you might expect and it is usually enough to give your exact route. So tell me your speed and I'll tell you where you have been. 

Bing Developer Assistant
Aug 20 | Kay Ewbank
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The new plug in from Microsoft that helps developers find code snippets and samples is available for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. It has been created by combining two existing Visual Studio extensions - Sample Browser and Bing Code Search.

Intel RealSense Webinars
Aug 19 | Sue Gee
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Intel's second webinar about its latest RealSense Technology takes place tomorrow August 20th. And if you missed the first one it is now available online.

Gordon Bell Lifelogging at 80
Aug 19 | Historian
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Gordon Bell turns 80 today, August 19th, 2014. Born in 1934 he has lived through an era in which computers occupied entire building through to being able to carry one in your pocket or around your neck.

Amazon Live App Testing
Aug 18 | Alex Denham
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Amazon has released a tool that lets you test mobile apps on a group of users before going fully live.

Google's Blink Not Implementing W3C Pointer Events
Aug 18 | Ian Elliot
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Since it split away from the WebKit render engine to create Blink, Google has been free to pick and choose what gets implemented. Now we have the news that it has decided to ignore the W3C spec for touch events.

Numerical Methods With Python MOOC Starts Today
Aug 18 | Sue Gee
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An interesting sounding MOOC that will help students implement numerical solution methods in well-designed Python programs starts on August 18.

1000 Kilobots Make Patterns
Aug 17 | Harry Fairhead
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Self organizing swarms are fascinating. If you have grown bored with watching ants or termites do their thing, you can now watch a swarm of 1000 tiny robots making shapes without anyone having overall control. 

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Book Review of the Day

Google BigQuery Analytics
Wednesday 20 Aug

Authors: Jordan Tigani and Siddartha Naidu
Publisher: Wiley, 2014
Pages: 508
ISBN: 978-1118824825
Aimed at: Analysts and developers wanting to learn BigQuery
Rating: 5
Reviewed by: Kay Ewbank
Will this book help you make the most of BigQuery?


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Just JavaScript - Object Construction
Ian Elliot
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Object creation is fundamental to all object-oriented languages, but in JavaScript is is left to the programmer to work out how best to do it and often the practice that you encounter isn't the best because it's borrowed from other languages. 

Gordon Bell And DEC - The Mini Computer Era
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Gordon Bell is responsible for many things, but the design of the most successful range of minicomputers, the PDP range, is probably the thing he is best known for. This is a story about when computers were big, but getting smaller...

Android Adventures - A NumberPicker DialogFragment Project
Mike James
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There comes a time when you need to see a complete example and this chapter of Android Adventures is exactly that. It constructs from the beginning a dialog containing a variable number of NumberPickers to demonstrate how to create a UI on the fly and how to make use of DialogFragment.


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Universal Converter Box

Universal Converter Box

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Book Watch

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Mobile Design Pattern Gallery, 2nd Ed (O'Reilly)
Friday 22 Aug

When you’re under pressure to produce a well-designed, easy-to-navigate mobile app, there’s no time to reinvent the wheel—and no need to. In her updated 2nd edition of this handy reference, Theresa Neil provides more than 90 mobile app design patterns, illustrated by 1,000 screenshots from current Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps.


The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics, 2nd Ed (A K Peters/CRC Press)
Thursday 21 Aug

Reflecting the latest version of Blender the free and open source 3D computer modeling and animation program, John M. Blain helps beginners learn the basics of computer animation and looks at many new features of Blender, including developments to its GUI. This 2nd edition has new chapters on smoke simulation, movie making, and drivers and numerous new examples and figures.


PHP Cookbook 3rd Ed (O'Reilly)
Wednesday 20 Aug

Want to understand a certain PHP programming technique? Or learn how to accomplish a particular task? In its third edition this cookbook from David Sklar and Adam Trachtenberg has more than 350 code-rich recipes revised for PHP 5.4 and 5.5, for everything from using basic data types to querying databases, and from calling RESTful APIs to testing and securing your site.


SQL Server 2014 Development Essentials (Packt)
Tuesday 19 Aug


Discover SQL Server 2014’s new in-memory OLTP engine and performance-related improvements;  explore the fundamentals of database planning and the Server Transact-SQL language syntax and gain hands-on experience with the use of scalar and table-valued functions, branching, and more advanced data structures.




JavaScript and jQuery (Wiley)
Monday 18 Aug

In this full–color book subtitled "Interactive Front-End Web Development", Jon Duckett adopts a visual approach to teaching JavaScript & jQuery, showing you how to make web pages more interactive and interfaces more intuitive through the use of inspiring code examples, infographics, and photography. No programming experience, other than knowing how to create a basic web page in HTML & CSS, required.


What Makes You Clever (World Scientific)
Friday 15 Aug

From Black Holes and Big Bangs to the Higgs boson and the infinitesimal building blocks of all matter, modern science has been spectacularly successful, with one glaring exception intelligence. Intelligence still remains as one of the greatest mysteries in science. With the subtitle "The Puzzle of Intelligence" Derek Patridge explores cleverness.


Learning Responsive Web Design (O'Reilly)
Thursday 14 Aug

This beginner's guide by UX designer and developer Clarissa Peterson is for anyone involved in the process of creating websites—not just developers and teaches you fundamental strategies and techniques for using HTML and CSS to design websites that not only adapt to any screen size, but also use progressive enhancement to provide a better user experience based on device capabilities such as touchscreens and retina displays.


Penetration Testing (No Starch Press)
Wednesday 13 Aug

Security expert, researcher, and trainer Georgia Weidman introduces the core skills and techniques that every pentester needs. Using a virtual machine-based lab that includes Kali Linux and vulnerable operating systems, you'll run through a series of practical lessons with tools like Wireshark, Nmap, and Burp Suite and experience the key stages of an actual assessment.


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