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Optimized C++
Friday 21 Oct

Author:  Kurt Guntheroth
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pages: 388 
ISBN:  978-1491922064
Print: 1491922060
Kindle: B01EVXNWLK
Audience: Experienced C++ programmers
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Mike James

If you think that the one rule about optimization is don't do it then you should read this book. 


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Android Adventures - Events
Mike James
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Working with Android Studio 2 makes building the UI easy with an interactive editor, but you still need to find out how to handle the things it isn't quite so good at. In this chapter we look at the general event handling - i.e beyond the onClick property that we have used so far. 

Fundamental C - Program Structure
Mike James
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This is an introduction to the very basics of programming in C. It covers the least you have to know to begin creating a program - variables, conditionals and loops. If you are already a C programmer then move along because there is nothing to see here. If you are a beginner then read on. 

What Makes A Programmer
Mike James
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The following account is based on personal experience and you can feel free to disagree with it. I can only hope that doing so illuminates your opinion about this strange and amazing thing we do with symbols that is called "programming".

Udemy's Angular 2-The Complete Guide Course Review
Nikos Vaggalis
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Let me begin by saying that "Angular 2 - The Complete Guide"  stays true to its title,  taking no shortcuts and going full on from A-Z, from setting up the environment to full scale deployment.

Java Data Types - Numeric Data
Ian Elliot
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After looking at some of the advanced ideas of classes and objects, we need to return to some simpler topics to make our understanding complete. We need to look more closely at data and, to get things moving, numeric data. 

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