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Introducing Python
Friday 22 Sep

Author: Bill Lubanovic
Publisher: O'Reilly, 2014
Pages: 478
ISBN: 9781449359362
Print: 1449359361
Kindle: B00PHTRLO2
Audience: Not beginners 
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Mike James 

Python is a popular first language and it is used by many first courses in programming. An Introduction to Python is perhaps just what we all need. 


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Harry Fairhead
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WiFi has freed the computer from being tied to a network connection by wires. If you think your tablet or smartphone is fun, imagine if you needed a wire to connect it to the Internet. But WiFi isn't just a dumb radio transmitter and receiver, it is a sophisticated computer in its own right and it deserves to be better understood.

Hardcore DevOps: Building A Portable Weblogic Client on the CLI
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Although we have had a brief look at functions in an earlier chapter, functions are so central to what makes Kotlin special they deserve a chapter to themselves. In this chapter we look at how functions make Kotlin more powerful and easier to use.

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It is fairly easy to consume promises returned by asynchronous functions that other programmers have put together for you. It is only a little more difficult to use promises to create your own asynchronous functions that run in parallel a non-UI thread. 

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