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97 Things Every Programmer Should Know
Friday 21 Jul

Author: Kevlin Henney
Publisher: O'Reilly, 2010
Pages: 258
ISBN: 978-0596809485
Print: 0596809484
Kindle: B0039OVIAK
Aimed at: Practising programmers
Rating: 5
Reviewed by: Alex Armstrong


The 97 Things series presents a well-chosen collection of short essays in a highly accessible way. There is plenty to interest every programmer here.


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Self-Descriptive Arrays
Joe Celko
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Put on your thinking cap for another set of conundrums that will exercise your coding skills. This time Melvin Frammis introduces his junior partner Bugsy Cottman to some classic number puzzles that can be solved with arrays.

Java Books For Beginners
Kay Ewbank
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Java is one of, if not the most, widespread programming language. Given its popularity, it's not surprising that our reviewers have scrutinized over 50 books relating to it, both new and classic. This is the pick of recommended titles.

Master JavaScript Regular Expressions
Ian Elliot
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Regular expressions can seem complex but the biggest reason for this is that most programmers don't take them seriously enough. Spend just a little time finding out how they work and you can do amazing things.

The Programmers Guide To Kotlin - Arrays & Strings
Mike James
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Arrays and strings are the most basic of the more advanced data types. They are so familiar that you might think you don't need to look at them, but Kotlin has its own way of doing most things.

jQuery 3 - Consuming Promises
Ian Elliot
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Promises are a way of organizing asynchronous calls that is better than using callbacks. The callbacks are still there but they are come with a degree of organization. Previously jQuery was criticized for implementing a promise mechanism that was non-standard. Promises in jQuery 3 are compatible with the standard. 

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