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AR Brings New Dimension To Coloring
Oct 04 | Lucy Black
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Coloring in is something that children take delight in. The fact that it helps to develop co-ordination skills and various cognitive skills also means it's an activity that parents and teachers have always encouraged. Combining it with augmented reality now brings a new lease of life to coloring, courtesy of Disney Research.

Windows 10 Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
Oct 03 | Harry Fairhead
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Windows 10 on the Pi? Now it is even easier because you can buy all you need in one easy-to-use pack. Is it worth it?

September Week 4
Oct 02 | Editor
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Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No problem! If you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. 

Facebook's Redex Makes Android More Efficient
Oct 02 | Mike James
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Or does it? Facebook developers have just described a project that aims to optimize Java byte code. The post is impressive. but it gives the impression that it is breaking new ground - it isn't.

Google Launches Cloud Dataproc
Oct 02 | Kay Ewbank
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Google has launched a beta version of Google Cloud Dataproc, a service which will provide an alternative way to manage Hadoop and Spark more quickly and easily.

Android Studio 1.4 Goes Vector
Oct 01 | Mike James
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Decimal point upgrades are generally not game changing, but there is a new feature in Android Studio 1.4 - vector assets. What's this all about? 

OpenOffice Calls For More Volunteers
Oct 01 | Alex Armstrong
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A new version of Apache OpenOffice is in its final stages of preparation and the project has requested help for tasks associated with its release.

Microsoft Rushes To Embrace The Future - Async In Edge
Oct 01 | Ian Elliot
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Just as you struggle to get to grips with Promises in ECMAScript 2015, Microsoft has rushed ahead to provide async support in the Chakra engine and Edge. 

MarshMallow Is Coming!
Sep 30 | Harry Fairhead
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As well as some bits of hardware, Google just announced that the next version of Android was waiting to be released to the world - or the devices that are ready to accept it.

IBM's TrueNorth Rat Brain
Sep 30 | Mike James
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IBM's TrueNorth project has reached a new stage - enough neurons to be comparable to a rat brain. Is this the future of AI?

JavaScript Added To NGINX
Sep 29 | Alex Armstrong
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An implementation of JavaScript called nginScript has been launched to give additional scripting capabilities to the high-performance, open source, web server NGNIX.

Design JavaOne Tee-Shirt
Sep 29 | Lucy Black
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JavaOne takes place in San Francisco from October 25-29. You can pre-register up until October 23 and there's still time to enter the JavaOne T-Shirt Design Challenge.

Erdos Conjecture Proven
Sep 28 | Mike James
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This isn't big theory news like NP=P or anything similar, but it is a fascinating idea. About 80 years ago the remarkable and strange mathematician Paul Erdos formulated what seemed like a simple question about number sequences and it has only just been proved. 

The JavaScript Encyclopedia Work In Progress
Sep 28 | Ian Elliot
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Douglas Crockford has been working single-handed on a mammoth task to document JavaScript. Now he has allowed his unfinished project to go live as a work in progress that others can contribute to.

Helion Cloud Development Webinar With Code
Sep 28 | Kay Ewbank
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HP has released details of the latest in its series of webinars on cloud development with HP technologies. Tomorrow's event will be a LiveCoding session.  

Rose Wins Loebner Bronze
Sep 26 | Sue Gee
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A chatbot called Rose outperformed three other finalists in the 2015 Lobener Prize contest, but was only awarded the annual prize for being the best conversationalist as Rose was clearly not a human.

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