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Stanford CS Moves To JavaScript
Apr 26 | Mike James
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The headline tells you all you need to know - Stanford Computer Science department is experimenting with replacing its long running Java-based introduction to programming with one based on JavaScript. Why?

Indian Progammers Aren't Being Prepared For Real World Coding
Apr 26 | Janet Swift
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A new study of the programming skills of Indian students shows that only a tiny proportion are ready to be employed in programming jobs.

Naturalizing A Programming Language
Apr 26 | Administrator
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This is an interesting idea: take a core programming language and allow the users to teach the system how they want to express their intentions. Instead of trying to use natural language as a computer language, why not develop computer languages in the direction of natural languages?

Early Bird Offer For Office 365 Engage
Apr 26 | Kay Ewbank
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A new conference for Office power users and developers is taking place from 19-22 June. Office 365 Engage covers the full spectrum of Office 365 needs, including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Azure infrastructure that supports Office 365, Office 365 applications, and Office 365 development. Take advantage of the Early Bird offer and an extra 10% discount exclusive to I Programmer.

Kite - Smart Copilot For Programmers
Apr 25 | Nikos Vaggalis
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The best products and ideas always spring out of identifying and addressing a general and widespread need. In the case of programming it's the time required when coding for searching the Internet for relevant documentation and code samples.

Amazon Lets Us All Use Lex To Build A Bot
Apr 25 | Lucy Black
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 Lex is the voice-to-text and text-to-voice service that powers Alexa. Now we can all use it to add voice capabilities to our apps and devices without restriction. But there is a cost.

CodeStar to Simplify Development On AWS
Apr 24 | Nikos Vaggalis
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For developers the most important announcement made at last week's AWS Summit was CodeStar, which is intended is to enable you to quickly develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS.

IPython 6 Release Supporting Python 3.3 and Above
Apr 24 | Janet Swift
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IPython 6.0 has been released and, as expected, drops support for the Python 2.7 branch. While not everyone will necessarily agree, this is a welcome move that improves IPython.

Magic Is Just Technology In This Amazing Video
Apr 23 | David Conrad
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We all know the Arthur C. Clarke quote about any sufficiently advanced technology looking like magic, but perhaps our own technology is already enough to look like magic if presented in the right way.

Google Uses AI To Make Better Artists
Apr 22 | Kay Ewbank
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Google has come up with an app called AutoDraw that turns rough drawings into a finished image using a combination of machine learning and a library of pre-drawn images.

April Week 3
Apr 22 | Editor
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No time to keep up with all that is going on in the developer world? Let the I Programmer team do it for you. We scour the Internet for news and put the unmissable bits together in this handy digest, with the week's book reviews and articles. 

Top 10 From Around The Web: PHP Development Resources
Apr 21 | Alex Armstrong
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PHP may not be the most trendy web development language but it is what is behind the scenes of many of the websites we use daily,  Facebook and IProgrammer alike. This round up of external blog posts is all about PHP.

Facebook Relay Improves Mobile Performance
Apr 21 | Kay Ewbank
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Facebook has released a new version of its Relay JavaScript framework. Relay Modern has been designed to be easier to use, more extensible, and able to improve performance on mobile devices.

Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs Released
Apr 21 | Sue Gee
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Microsoft has announced the General Availability on Azure of its Face API and Computer Vision API to give developers easy tools for handling and interpreting images. The Content Moderator is the third of the newly released APIs.

Facebook Open Sources Litho Android UI Framework
Apr 20 | Mike James
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Facebook's F8 conference often seems more like a place to announce its future directions than anything directly relevant to developers, but Litho should be of interest to any Android programmer. 

Larks and Night Owls of the Programming World
Apr 20 | Janet Swift
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Stack Overflow has produced an interesting analysis of developers working habits that reveals differences that depend on your choice of language. It turns out that C# programmers tend to be early birds; whereas those using C start later and work on into the evening and that London and Paris follow the strictest 9 to 5 working day.

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