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April Fools 2015 - A Round Up
Apr 01 | Lucy Black
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Google has made quite a tradition of its April Fool's jokes - so much so that it now takes steps to ensure we notice them. Microsoft also joined in early this year. Though its offering is so tempting it could perhaps last beyond noon today.

Replace By Fee - Bitcoin Modifications
Apr 01 | Mike James
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When we think of the Bitcoin algorithm, we tend to concentrate on the proof of work and how it allows the block chain to be built in a decentralised way. However, the algorithm is so much more and as people find alternative ways of working with Bitcoin, there might be a need to change it. 

Pac-Man Easter Egg In Google Maps
Apr 01 | David Conrad
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This year April Fools and Easter Day are only separated by a couple of days and Google has come up with a hidden gem to satisfy both - a Pac-Man game you can play on the streets of some famous places

The Chromium Team Changes Mind - We Will Have Pointer Events
Mar 31 | Ian Elliot
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Recenty we reported that both Chromium and Safari were continuing to support Apple's Touch API, despite the fact that the oposing Pointer API had been adopted as a W3C standard. Now we have the good news that the Chromium team has done a U-turn, leaving Apple to stand alone.

What Influences Women To Pursue Computer Science
Mar 31 | Sue Gee
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Google Researchers recently presented the findings of a study looking at gender differences in High School students' decisions to study Computer Science.

Dart 1.9 Now With Async And Await
Mar 30 | Ian Elliot
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The latest release of Dart puts its weight behind the async and await approach to implementing asynchronous code. This really is the only sensible way to do the job.

Node.js Tools For VS Released
Mar 30 | Kay Ewbank
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Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio (NTVS) has reached version 1.0 and can now be downloaded. The plug in lets you program Node.js within the Visual Studio IDE, and supports editing with IntelliSense, debugging locally and remotely, profiling and deployment of Node.js projects.  

GitHub Under DDoS Attack
Mar 30 | Alex Armstrong
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GitHub is suffering its largest distributed denial of service DDoS attack in its history. The traffic is targeting two urls related to Chinese civil rights and freedom of internet access.

Halt And Catch Fire Season 2
Mar 29 | Lucy Black
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While there was a lot of talk about the TV sitcom Silicon Valley, the more serious drama, Halt and Catch Fire, didn't cause much excitement.

We think it should have and now it's back with a second season. 

Festo's Ants And Butterflies
Mar 28 | David Conrad
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Every year around this time of year Festo builds some amazing robot or other - last year it was a kangaroo. What could it possibly do to top previous amazing devices? What about some even more amazing robotic insects.

March Week 4
Mar 28 | Editor
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Feeling overwhelmed and confused by too much news?   If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on  I Programmer to sift through all the news, uncover the most relevant stories and deliver the highlights each week.

F8 - What's New For Facebook
Mar 27 | Lucy Black
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Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook Messenger Platform at this week's F8 conference. It will let devs build apps that integrate with Facebook Messenger, a service used by more than 600 million people.

DARPA Wants Analog To Boost Super Computer Performance
Mar 27 | Harry Fairhead
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The first practical computers were analog computers and now DARPA thinks that we might be able to speed things up by bringing them back.

MonoGame - The New XNA
Mar 27 | Mike James
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There are lots of programmers still bitter about Microsoft's decision to shut XNA down on PC and Xbox. If you still have XNA assets the good news is that MonoGame is a good stand in.

Dart Changes Course - No Longer To Be Native In Chrome
Mar 26 | Ian Elliot
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Google has backtracked on its intention to integrate the Dart VM into Chrome and instead the Dart team will concentrate its efforts on compiling Dart to JavaScript. Is this a downgrade of Google's plans for Dart or a new realism?

$1Million Turing Prize Awarded To Database Innovator
Mar 26 | Sue Gee
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The ACM has announced that MIT's Michael Stonebraker is the recipient of the 2014 ACM A.M. Turing Award as a "pioneer in database systems architecture."

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