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MongoDB Stitch Makes App Development Easier
Jun 23 | Kay Ewbank
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A new back end for MongoDB has been announced. MongoDB Stitch has a document-centric API that handles the interface between apps and back-end data. 

Open Source Valued Despite Poor Documentation and Bad Behavior
Jun 22 | Janet Swift
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Findings from an Open Source Survey designed by GitHub together with researchers from academia, industry, and the community, provide interesting insights about the attitudes, experiences, and backgrounds of those who use, build, and maintain open source software. The full results are available as an open data set available on GitHub.

DeCaffeinate Converts CoffeeScript To JavaScript
Jun 22 | Kay Ewbank
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A new tool lets you automatically convert your CoffeeScript source to modern JavaScript. Decaffeinate is available now on GitHub.

Google Releases Object Detector Nets For Mobile
Jun 21 | Mike James
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Google seems to be giving away its crown jewels. MobileNets are a small set of neural network models pre-trained to identify objects. In theory this software should be of great value, but Google is making it available for free.

Micro:bit Launches in US and Canada
Jun 21 | Sue Gee
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The Micro:bit Educational Foundation has announced that the credit card-sized single board computer, pioneered in the UK by a consortium including the BBC and Microsoft for teaching school children to code, is now available to schools, clubs and families across the U.S. and Canada. Scratch has been added to line up of block-based languages it can be programmed in. 

Udacity Launches React Nanodegree
Jun 20 | Sue Gee
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Udacity, in partnership with React training has launched a new Nanodegree program for React, the open source JavaScript library from Facebook. The first presentation starts June 27th and enrollment opens today.

Intel Drops Edison, Galileo & Joule
Jun 20 | Harry Fairhead
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In a sudden, but not entirely surprising, move Intel has announced the discontinuation of its IoT boards - Edison, Galileo and Joule. The last of these devices will be supplied at the end of 2017.

Top 10 From Around The Web: More Angular Resources
Jun 20 | Lucy Black
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This round up of interesting posts from external sites has resources for those working with AngularJS, Angular 2.0 and React JS and also looks at websites built using the AngularJS framework.

Vision Mobile Developer Survey Extended
Jun 19 | Sue Gee
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There is still time to have your preferences and your experiences as a developer counted in Vision Mobile's Q3 State of the Developer Nation survey. Complete the survey by June 25th for chances to  win prizes and to discover what type of developer you are.

Atom 1.18 Ships With Rich Git Integration
Jun 19 | Kay Ewbank
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The latest version of Atom has been released with integration with Git and Github added directly in Atom via the Github package.  This is a new core package included with Atom and is available right now.

Firefox 54 Multi-Process and Faster - Can It Woo Us Back
Jun 19 | Ian Elliot
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Firefox 54, the first version to be multi-process has been released. If you are tempted to think "so what", what is special about it is that Mozilla has achieved a balance between the number of process and RAM usage that makes it both faster and less of a memory hogger than Chrome.

iNaturalist Launches Deep Learning-Based Identification App
Jun 18 | Sue Gee
article thumbnail has launched an app for Android and iOS that automatically identifies animals and plants at species level. Trained using TensorFlow it already identifies over 10,000 different species with a new species added to the model every 1.7 hours.

Animastage - Easy Physical Animation
Jun 17 | Harry Fairhead
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Animating physical objects can be done by fitting them with a variety of actuators, but a custom rig takes time and effort. Now MIT have a use for their 3D output device, inForm. Using it you can animate a puppet, sculpture or any creative art work you care to think up.

June Week 2
Jun 17 | Editor
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No time to keep up with all that is going on in the developer world? Let the I Programmer team do it for you. We scour the Internet for news and put the unmissable bits together in this handy digest, with the week's book reviews and articles. 

Tabs versus Spaces? Not Just Contentious But Economic
Jun 16 | Sue Gee
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Tabs versus spaces is a topic that divides opinion like no other programming topic. Now it seems your preference for indentation isn't just a personal matter, it impacts what you are likely to earn.  

Automatic Testing - Programmers Are Still The Problem
Jun 16 | Alex Armstrong
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White box test generator tools can help you find bugs automatically by generating combinations of inputs that are likely to give the wrong answer. However there is a problem - how do you know when you have the wrong answer?

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