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Linux Apps On Chromebooks
Apr 26 | Mike James
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Sometime you have got to think that we are working in the maddest of subjects. Chromebooks are about to get the ability to run Linux apps. The fact that ChromeOS is Linux is the part that is mad.

Internet Pioneers Awarded Franklin Medal
Apr 26 | Sue Gee
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Vint Cerf and Bob Khan have been presented with Franklin Institute Awards for the part they played in the creation of the Internet.

Pluralsight Launches Technology Index
Apr 25 | Janet Swift
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Pluralsight's new Technology Index ranks the popularity of more than 300 software development languages, tools and frameworks. Its initial insights include the dominance of JavaScript and the popularity of Android developer tools. 

Apple Open Sources FoundationDB
Apr 25 | Kay Ewbank
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Apple has made its FoundationDB core open source, and wants all future major development to be carried out openly. Apple acquired FoundationDB in 2015.

Qt For WebAssembly
Apr 25 | Ian Elliot
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Qt is a popular way to construct a cross platform UI, but the latest move is into the unknown and could change the way we create web apps. Qt for WebAssembly is now in beta.

MySQL 8 Improves JSON
Apr 24 | Kay Ewbank
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MySQL 8 has been released with improvements including better mobile support, stronger support for Unicode, and schemaless JSON support.

Grasshopper - An Area 120 App To Teach Coding
Apr 24 | Sue Gee
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Google's in-house incubator, Area 120, has launched a free, learn-to-code app for adult beginners. It teaches JavaScript through short lessons on users iPhone or Android device.

Oracle Code One Displaces Java One
Apr 23 | Alex Armstrong
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Oracle is expanding the scope of its annual developer conference to encompass more languages, technologies and developer communities. So JavaOne is no more and Oracle Code One is now accepting submissions for its inaugural event in October 2018.

Amazon Introduces Alexa Skills Templates
Apr 22 | Sue Gee
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Amazon has introduced Alexa Skill Blueprints, a way for any Alexa owner to create personalized skills and responses for Alexa without any need for programming. This  could prove to be a real breakthrough to making Alexa a useful asset in the home.

AI Creates Flintstones Cartoons From A Description
Apr 22 | Lucy Black
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As long as you know the Flintstones, and if you don't you've been under a (Bed)rock for too long, then "Fred is talking to Barney in the lounge" will cause you to imagine the scene. Now an AI system can visualize it for real by generating the cartoon to fit.

Uber Makes GPS More Accurate
Apr 21 | Mike James
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The big problem with GPS, amazing though it is, comes down to accuracy. It just never seems to be quite accurate enough. Uber engineers now think they have a software way of making it quite a bit more accurate and it's remarkably clever.

April Week 3
Apr 21 | Editor
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I Programmer Weekly puts all our news coverage together in a handy digest together with the week's book reviews and additions to our archive of new  book titles related to programming. The list finishes with the latest articles - a programmer's getting started guide to TypeScript and a new arrival on Programmer's Bookshelf covering Agile Programming, Scrum and Lean.  

An Update on Language Popularity - Perl is in Trouble
Apr 20 | Janet Swift
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According to April's TIOBE Index, Python has dislodged C#, and Objective C and Perl are both in decline. SQL appears to be making a rapid rise - but that's an anomaly.

Skill Up Survey 2018
Apr 20 | Lucy Black
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Packt has launched its annual Skill Up survey for 2018 to gain insight into the state of the IT industry from a developer’s perspective. The incentive to participate is 80% discount on offer from Packt store.

Java 10 Improves Garbage Collection
Apr 19 | Alex Denham
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Java 10, a feature release of Java SE, has improved its garbage collection and compilation, and has also extended the Class-Data Sharing feature to improve startup and footprint. 

GitHub Learning Labs Now Open For Newbies
Apr 19 | Sue Gee
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Once you know your way around GitHub its difficult to remember how it felt when it was an unfamiliar environment with its strange jargon of Commits, Issues, Pull Requests and so on. The newly launched GitHub Learning Lab has a bot to guide you through a set of courses in a novel way.

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