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You Only Look Once - Fast Object Detection
Aug 23 | Mike James
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Neural networks have made computer vision possible, but there are still many difficult situations that they don't work so well in. If you want to do object detection and labeling then the traditional approach is likely to be too slow, but now we have YOLO V2 which can label entire images in one operation.

Java EE To Get Open Source Foundation
Aug 23 | Kay Ewbank
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Oracle intends to move stewardship of Java EE (Enterprise Edition) to a third party existing foundation after the official release of Java EE 8 later this year.

Chrome Enterprise - Google's New Push Into Business
Aug 23 | Alex Armstrong
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Google has launched a new subscription service for businesses that use Chrome OS devices. Building on Chromebooks for Business, which it replaces, Chrome Enterprise will have an annual cost of $50 per device.

Crowd Sourced Solar Eclipse Megamovie
Aug 22 | David Conrad
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Using photographs contributed by observers on the path of totality, Google computers have stitched together images of the 2017 solar eclipse to create the “Eclipse Megamovie.” The resulting movie is intended as a preview of the larger publicly available dataset of photos that will enable scientists around the world to study the sun and its atmosphere.

Spectacular Launch For Android Oreo
Aug 22 | Lucy Black
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To add excitement to what might otherwise have been an annual routine hardly worth noting, Google chose the height of the 2017 solar eclipse to launch Android 8.0 and its name Oreo.

Codecademy Introduces More Paid Options
Aug 22 | Sue Gee
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Codecademy, which offers online courses that feature interactive coding exercises, has added a variety of options for obtaining help from humans. New Codecademy Pro Intensive courses are coming on line with feedback from mentors and even one-to-one chats.

SharePoint Unite Early Bird Offer
Aug 22 | Kay Ewbank
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Delegates registering for SharePoint Unite in Haarlem, Holland this October can get  €100 off by registering before September 8th, as well as a 20% discount with an exclusive I Programmer code.

Ceylon Moves To Eclipse
Aug 21 | Alex Armstrong
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Ceylon was Redhat's Java killer. Of course, it didn't kill anything much and now it has been "donated" to the Eclipse foundation. You can view this as a positive or a negative step depending on your outlook. What you can't avoid is the simple fact that building a Java killer is too easy and there are too many of them.

TypeScript 2.5 Adds Optional Catch Binding
Aug 21 | Kay Ewbank
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 The release candidate of TypeScript 2.5 is available, though just for Visual Studio and Sublime Text at the moment. Support for other editors will be added soon.

Amazon Expands Alexa Skills Rewards Program
Aug 21 | Lucy Black
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Amazon is introducing a system of direct payments to developers who create and maintain the "most engaging" Alexa skills. It is also covering AWS usage charges so that you can't lose out by building and hosting popular skills.

Even More Chinese Dancing Robots
Aug 20 | Lucy Black
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A new Guinness World Record for the "Most Robots Dancing Simultaneously" has been set in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China with 1,069 knee-high Dobi robots. The feat was staged by manufacturers WL Intelligent Technology Co Ltd to promote this range of toy robots which can also sing, box, play football and execute kung fu moves.

August Week 2
Aug 19 | Editor
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It's hard to keep up with all the developments in the developer world. I Programmer's team cover a wide range of topics, this week including the fate of coding bootcamps, the Android Dex compiler and AI beating humans at Dota 2, with comment and analysis.

Microsoft Introduces CoCo Blockchain Framework
Aug 18 | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has developed a blockchain framework that uses Intel technology to bring the protocol more widely into business use.  The Confidential Consortium (CoCo) Framework was created to solve the issues surrounding the current blockchain protocol technology.

Top 10 From Around the Web: More Web Design Resources
Aug 18 | Lucy Black
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We start this roundup of external blog posts with a guide to getting started with Bootstrap, and two more posts cover responsive web design. Another key topic is deciding what to charge for the web design services you provide. 

Update: New Proof That P≠NP
Aug 18 | Mike James
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Proofs that P=NP, and even for the less exciting and more likely P≠NP, abound. Most of them by enthusiasts who, usually, can be commended for their enthusiasm, but not so much for their proofs. However, the latest proof is by a respected complexity theorist and can't be dismissed in the usual way.

Bootstrap 4 Enters Beta
Aug 17 | Ian Elliot
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The front-end web framework Bootstrap is a highly successful open source project. After two years in alpha, the first beta of Bootstrap 4 has been released.

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