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.NET Core Version 1 Released - So What?
Jun 29 | Mike James
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In some senses this is a momentous event - Microsoft has a Version 1 of the cross-platform open source .NET Core. But is it momentous more because of the change in approach it signals, or is there some real value in it. In short, should you rush out and install .NET Core?

Google Project Bloks Tangible Programming For Kids
Jun 29 | Janet Swift
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Google Research is working on a new initiative to introduce kids to computing in ab entirely hands-on, physical way. A prototype has been produced to show how it the tangible programming approach combines the way children innately play with learning with computational thinking.

Bablyon.js A JavaScript Framework for 3D Games
Jun 28 | Kay Ewbank
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The latest version of Babylon.js has added a 2D accelerated engine to the JavaScript framework for building 3D games. It also adds refraction textures and support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) maps for Physically Based Rendering. 

New Android Basics Nanodegree
Jun 28 | Sue Gee
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Google has announced a hands-on, project-based Android Basics Nanodegree, for complete beginners, no previous coding required. Google is also offering free scholarships for the intermediate-level Android Developer Nanodegree to the first 50 students to successfully complete it.

Firecode - Ace the Coding Interview
Jun 27 | Nikos Vaggalis
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Another code learning platform, in this case focused on preparing candidates for a job interview that involves writing code. What's different about it? Let's find out.

Eclipse Neon Released
Jun 27 | Kay Ewbank
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This year's annual release train from the Eclipse Foundation has shipped. Following its alphabetic naming convention its name starts with an N. Unusually Neon isn't a reference to a celestial body. Instead it's a gas.

Introducing SpotMini - A Domestic Pet Helper
Jun 26 | Lucy Black
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Boston Dynamics has released a video introducing SpotMini, a smaller version of its Spot quadruped robot at large in a domestic environment. We see SpotMini loading a dishwasher, suggesting that it might be capable of being useful.

Try Codecademy Pro For Just $10
Jun 25 | Sue Gee
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If you sign up for a month's subscription to Codecademy Pro before June 30th you can benefit from50% off, courtesy of Atlassian which will pick up the tab for the other $10.

June Week 3
Jun 25 | Editor
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If you want to get up to speed on matters that affect you as a developer, I Programmer Weekly is a digest of book reviews, articles and news written by programmers, for programmers.

The Weekly Top 10: SharePoint and Other CMS Platforms
Jun 24 | Alex Armstrong
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This week's round up of interesting posts from external sites has resources for Sharepoint developers and for those working with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Pluralsight's Smarter Technology Learning Platform
Jun 24 | Sue Gee
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Training provider Pluralsight has launched a new platform aimed at keeping the skills of technology professionals up to date. As a subscription service available to individuals and enterprises, it assesses the current skill levels of developers before providing them with appropriate directed learning.

Google Increases Android Bug Rewards
Jun 23 | Kay Ewbank
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Google is increasing the amount it pays as rewards for finding bugs and security vulnerabilities in Android with a new upper limit of $50,000

Half Price Computer Science On Coursera For A Limited Time
Jun 23 | Sue Gee
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If you sign up for a course today, look out for a nice surprise. For a limited but unspecified time Atlassian's offering to subsidize. The offer extends to all Computer Science and today's a day there's 50% off at the checkout.

ECMAScript 2016 Approved
Jun 23 | Ian Elliot
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That's probably JavaScript 1.9 or ES7 to you. If you are puzzled by the name it is probably because you haven't realized that ECMAScript has gone over to a yearly release schedule, which might not be a good thing at all. 

21 - Bitcoin For Everyone
Jun 22 | Nikos Vaggalis
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21, a mixture between a platform, an app and a service, is setting out to become the third world wide web. It draws on the foundations of the www for inspiration, the first built on HTML, the second, the Social Web, built on personalization, and gazes  boldly into the future, paving the way for a third kind of the web, the one built on Bitcoin.

Java Guardians To The Rescue Of Java EE
Jun 22 | Kay Ewbank
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The Java Guardians are fighting back against the lack of interest in Java EE from Oracle. Their message is the Java EE and server-side computing matters and needs to be taken forward.

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