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Qt’s new home
Sep 18 | Alex Denham
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Digia has announced the name of the new company that will be the home of the Qt cross- application framework.

Imagine Cup 2015 Kicks Off With Code Hunt
Sep 18 | Sue Gee
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The Imagine Cup 2015 season is officially underway and the first of a series of new online coding contests takes place on September 20th.

Mathematica Online Launched
Sep 18 | Mike James
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Wolfram has just launched Mathematica Online and it provides an easy way to do difficult math.

Mozilla Labs Closed And Nobody Noticed
Sep 17 | Ian Elliot
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A blog post by Ian Bickling conveyed the news that mozilla Labs has closed. A big and disturbing event for web development. But this happened months ago and this is the first we had heard about it.

CLion – IDE for C/C++
Sep 17 | Kay Ewbank
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JetBrains has made its new intelligent cross platform IDE for C and C++ available through its Early Access Program.

TODO - A New Group To Tell Open Source Programmers
Sep 17 | Mike James
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A new group, which currently includes big hitters like Facebook, Google, Twitter and GitHub, aims to tell open sourcers how to do it better.

New Downloads For Raspberry Pi
Sep 16 | Harry Fairhead
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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced new releases of its OS Raspbian and the installer software that helps users to get started, NOOBS.

Robot Cheetah Runs Free
Sep 16 | Harry Fairhead
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This may not be the robot cat you were wishing for, but it is impressive and the stuff nightmares could be populated by.

NetBeans IDE 8.0.1
Sep 16 | Alex Armstrong
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The NetBeans Team has released an updated to NetBeans 8.0, with enhancements to features relating to HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

Twitter Mobile Developer Conference
Sep 15 | Alex Armstrong
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Twitter as scheduled its first annual mobile developer conference. Called Twitter Flight, the event takes place in San Francisco and the cost per delegate is just $140.

Intel's New Edison Is As Small As A Postage Stamp
Sep 15 | Harry Fairhead
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It is difficult not to see the Edison and think "Arduino killer" and perhaps for some applications "Raspberry Pi killer". In fact it has a place in the low cost tiny system ecology all of its own.

Google Cloud Platform For Startups
Sep 15 | Lucy Black
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Google seems to be pursuing a "catch 'em while they are young" strategy by offering a good deal to startups for using its Cloud Platform.

Students Flocking to Computer Science
Sep 14 | Sue Gee
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Harvard's, the school's Introduction to Computer Science course for undergrads, has attracted record numbers of students this semester.

Programmers' Day - Let's Celebrate
Sep 13 | Lucy Black
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For the I Programmer team, every day of the year is a programmer's day. But the recognized Programmer's Day is the 256th day of the year and in most years that's September 13th.

September Week 2
Sep 13 | Editor
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Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No worries -  if you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This one covers September 4-10.

Facebook Quickstarts
Sep 12 | Alex Denham
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Facebook has added an easier way to integrate apps with the Facebook interface.

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