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Growing Demand For Data Visualization
Jan 19 | Janet Swift
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A new survey of Trends in Web Technologies confirms that web technology is now the backbone of application development for most companies  and reveals that data visualization is one of the most important capabilities in web application development.

HHVM Improves Type Inference
Jan 19 | Kay Ewbank
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There's a new version of Hip Hop Virtual Machine, an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP.  HHVM was originally developed at Facebook to provide a way to convert PHP script to C++ so it could be compiled and run on web servers.

MIT Self-Driving Car - Do The Free Course, Purchase the T-Shirt
Jan 18 | Sue Gee
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MIT has made an intensive short course on the practice of deep learning freely available to all - both in person on campus and online. It even has a course t-shirt, but hurry to claim one as the offer ends in three days.

Oracle Holds On To Java EE Brand
Jan 18 | Kay Ewbank
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Despite Oracle recently agreeing to hand over control of Java Enterprise Edition to the Eclipse Foundation, it seems that the situation isn't as clear cut as it originally seemed.

Fear And Loathing In The App Store 19 - Apple Rejects Net Neutrality App
Jan 18 | Lucy Black
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An app that tests to see if your ISP is applying throttling to your data according to its type - aka a net neutrality detector - has been rejected from the App Store for some very strange reasons.

What Breaks APIs?
Jan 17 | Ian Elliot
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There is so little information about how we actually code that almost any data is worth looking at. In this case the study is on how and why Java programmers break the APIs that they are creating and evolving.

Google Play Indie Contest Finalists Announced
Jan 17 | Kay Ewbank
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The finalists of the Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe have been announced. The competition is open to indie game developers from more than 30 countries.

Analyzing Alexa
Jan 17 | Sue Gee
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Although we might be skeptical about the desirability of holding a sustained conversation an Amazon Echo device, Amazon established the Alexa Prize as a serious endeavour in the area of conversational AI and has now made available the 2017 Alexa Prize Proceedings.

Levchin Prize for Real-World Cryptography
Jan 16 | Alex Armstrong
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The Levchin Prize is awarded annually for significant advances in the practice of cryptography and its use in real-world systems. This year's recipients,  Hugo Krawczyk of the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and the OpenSSL team, accepted their awards at the 2018 Real-World Crypto conference.

Kafka Webview Released
Jan 16 | Kay Ewbank
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A new web-based interface for reading data from Kafka Clusters has been released. Kafka Webview can be used for reading data out of Kafka topics and providing basic filtering and searching capabilities.

Supercomputing MOOC on Future Learn
Jan 16 | Sue Gee
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A free Supercomputing MOOC designed for anyone interested in leading-edge computing technology or the role that computer simulation takes in modern science and engineering restarted on Future Learn on January 15th, 2018.

Stack Overflow Analysis of JavaScript Framework Trends
Jan 15 | Janet Swift
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An analysis of JavaScript frameworks based on the proportion of new questions asked about them on Stack Overflow claims that they share a pattern of a quick ascent in popularity followed by a steady decline in interest.

Microsoft Shuts Coding4Fun - Big Changes At Channel 9
Jan 15 | Mike James
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Without any warning Coding4Fun, a really useful and fun blog hosted on Microsoft's Channel 9 portal, has gone. There are also rumors of big changes to the portal itself. More proof that Microsoft doesn't value what it has and doesn't communicate with the outside world at all well.

Pepper's Cone - An Easy 3D Display
Jan 14 | David Conrad
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Pepper's Ghost is a trick that has been frightening theater goers since Victorian times, but recently it has been receiving some technological upgrades. The latest is Pepper's Cone, a dynamic 3D display that is simple enough to be implemented by almost anyone with some programming and almost no hardware skills.

MistyThe Robot For Programmers
Jan 13 | Harry Fairhead
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It is arguable that what we need is a sort of IBM PC of the robot world; a robot that we can use without worrying too much about hardware and just get on with programming. Misty is aiming to be just such a robot.

January Week 2
Jan 13 | Editor
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Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No problem! If you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. 

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