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Ghost Minitaur - The Springy Robot
Sep 25 | Harry Fairhead
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Ghost Minitaur is a clever design for a robot and it is great fun to watch. You can buy one for even more fun. 

Throw A Paper Plane Around The World And Catch One!
Sep 24 | David Conrad
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Is this VR, AR or something else? The Google blog explaining the idea doesn't seem clear on the matter either. It all starts with a simple thought, "What if you could throw a paper plane from one screen to another?"

//No Comment - New Coursera Specializations
Sep 24 | Administrator
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Coursera has some new Computer Science and Data Science specializations ready to roll from next week.

September Week 3
Sep 24 | Editor
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We've expanded I Programmer news coverage by adding the items we find interesting but which don't require any input from the team. Look out for //No Comment for undigested news in this weekly digest, many of them with multiple items.

TypeScript 2.0 Adds Null, Undefined And Never
Sep 23 | Alex Denham
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TypeScript 2.0 has been released with support for new data types including Null and Undefined. 

The Weekly Top 10: PHP Web Development Resources
Sep 23 | Ian Elliot
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PHP is the topic of this week's round up of blog posts. We have a cheat sheat for upgrading from 5.x to PHP 7, a couple of reports of the improved performance you can expect from doing so and multiple framework comparisons. In short loads to digest for the PHP developer.

//No Comment - Samba 4.5, Wine 1.9.19 & Gnome 3.22
Sep 23 | Alex Amstrong
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• Samba 4.5 Released


• Wine 1.9.19 Released


• GNOME 3.22 released

//No Comment - Ceylon 1.3 & Julia 0.5.0
Sep 22 | Mike James
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• Ceylon 1.3.0 Released


• Julia Release 0.5.0 Available

Get Up To Speed With iOS 10 with Udemy
Sep 22 | Lucy Black
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iPhone 7 is now available bring with it iOS 10, so if you haven't already done so, learning it is a must. Udemy has three courses that will help you whether you're just starting on your freelance journey or you're a seasoned app developer.

Take A Deep Dive Into Development
Sep 22 | Sue Gee
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There are still places available for SDD Deep Dive 2016, a set of 3-day workshops taking place concurrently in London from November to . Book your place before midnight tomorrow to save £200.

Salesforce Launches AI Einstein
Sep 21 | Kay Ewbank
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Saleforce has shown off a wrapper for its CRM products that uses AI and machine learning to improve recommendations, choosing to unveil it and other innovations this week, rather than waiting for the Dreamforce Conference next month.

Android Studio 2.2 Now Available For All
Sep 21 | Mike James
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After months of previews, betas and Release Candidates Android Studio 2.1 is now generally available and we will all move to the new version as a matter of course. But for those who adopted the early previews it might seem like a step backwards.

//No Comment - Vim And EMACs
Sep 21 | Ian Elliot
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• Vim 8.0 Released!

• Emacs 25.1 Released

Unity Connect 2016
Sep 20 | Kay Ewbank
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The Unity Connect conference is happening again this November with a great mix of sessions on SharePoint and Office 365. The conference and workshops run from 16 to 18 November, and in addition to SharePoint and Office 365, there are sessions on Exchange, Skype and Azure. 

Your Android Could Leak Data Via USB Charging
Sep 20 | Harry Fairhead
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Security researchers have invented a way to get data out of any mobile device using nothing but a USB charging point without the need for a serial connection or any special permissions.

Ellison Claims Oracle Cloud Beats Amazon
Sep 19 | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon's lead in cloud computing is officially over. Or so Oracle CTO Larry Ellison would have us believe. Oracle is also entering the bot arena.

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