July Week 2
July Week 2
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

With all the summer distractions, it's hard to keep focused on the news feeds. So, let I Programmer do it for you and simply consult our weekly digest of news, book reviews and articles to keep you up to speed. This one covers July 10 - 16.

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This Week's Book Reviews



Microsoft's Android Patents Found Wanting   Wednesday 16 July

After details were revealed of the  Android Patents that Microsoft uses within licensing deals with handset manufacturers, a report casts doubt on the validity of many of them.



Microsoft Apportals - The Rediscovery Of The Hierarchical Start Menu   Wednesday 16 July

Microsoft is in a real mess thinking-wise. After removing the hierarchical start menu from Windows 8, and insisting that the Start screen was miles better, it has just reintroduced a hierarchical start screen under the name Apportals.



Project Kotlin Moves On   Wednesday 16 July

The team behind Project Kotlin has a new milestone release, an open source website and new documentation.



Microsoft's New Deep Learning System   Tuesday 15 July

Microsoft Research has joined in the deep learning gold rush and has produced a photo classifier based on neural networks. Project Adam is claimed to be fifty times better than its rivals - but is it enough to be claimed as a highly disruptive breakthrough.



Amazon CloudWatch   Tuesday 15 July

A new service that lets you monitor and troubleshoot systems and applications from Amazon EC2 instances has been released by Amazon.



Amazon Mobile Analytics   Monday 14 July

AWS customers can now use Amazon Mobile Analytics to monitor app usage and revenue from apps within the time frame of around an hour to get started. With its pay-as-you-go model and free startup tier Amazon looks set to shake up the mobile analytics market.  



Game Of Phones From DZone   Monday 14 July

DZone's 2014 Guide to Mobile Development presents an analysis of the current state of mobile development with survey results from over 1000 mobile developers.



New Raspberry Pi B+   Monday 14 July

The Raspberry Pi foundation has just announced the Raspberry Pi B+. The short version is - better spec and the same price.



A Double Pendulum In 100 Lines Of JavaScript   Sunday 13 July

Sometimes it is better to go back to basics. Here we have a simulation of a double pendulum without a trace of a physics engine. And it all fits into 100 lines of JavaScript. 



Breach - A JavaScript Chrome Web Browser   Saturday 12 July

Breach is being billed as a 100% JavaScript web browser. You'll quickly discover that actually it isn't, but it is still interesting and provides a way to build custom browser interfaces using mainly JavaScript. 



Atom For Windows   Friday 11 July

Github has released an alpha version of  Atom, its web-native code editor, for Windows 7 and 8.



New Relic Insights Exits Beta   Friday 11 July

New Relics Insights analytics platform, which lets you collect, store and present all your software, business and customer data in real time has moved out of private beta and is now generally available.



Amazon Cognito - A Sync Solution   Friday 11 July

Amazon Cognito, a new user identity and data synchronization service,  helps you securely manage app data for your users across devices so that they can transition from one device to another without noticing.



Firefox Losing Share As Desktop Browser   Thursday 10 July

Firefox has hit a new five-year low in its share of the desktop browser market. Is this real and is it a cause for concern?



Mathematica 10 Released   Thursday 10 July

Hot on the heels of Wolfram Language we now have Mathematica 10, which is said to be the first version to be based on the new language.



Chrome Dev Editor Now Available   Thursday 10 July

A new IDE for developing Chrome apps has been shown off by Google and is available for you to use.


The Core

What's The Matter With Pointers?   Tuesday 15 July

Back in the days when C was the language of choice, pointers meant programming and vice versa. Now in the more sophisticated and abstract days of C#, and even C++, raw pointers are a facility that is provided but not really encouraged. Are pointers really as bad as the Goto?



Analytics As A Service   Wednesday 09 July

If you think that Google Analytics is the last word in finding out how your web site is being used then you need to think again. There may well be a better option.





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