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21 Kenneth Appel Remembered For Four Color Theorem Proof
22 The Life Of Pi - Yes It's Pi Day
23 48th Mersenne Prime Computed
24 Boson Sampling Tests Quantum Computing
25 Unshuffling A Square Is NP-Complete
26 A Paper In A Tweet
27 A Water Droplet-Based Computer
28 A Quantum Computer Finds Factors
29 The Revolution In Evolutionary Game Theory - Prisoners Dilemma Solved?
30 A New Computational Universe - Fredkin's SALT CA
31 What's a Sample of Size One Worth?
32 A Computable Universe - Roger Penrose On Nature As Computation
33 Hidden Markov Models, Viterbi and the Higgs Boson
34 A New Kind of Science Is Ten
35 Goldbach Conjecture - Closer to Solved?
36 Travelling Salesman - A Movie About P=NP
37 The Artificial Life of the App Store - the Best Strategy to Succeed
38 The Physical Travelling Salesman Challenge
39 Light Table - a Realization of a New Way to Code
40 A Crab-Based Computer
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