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1 Look And Say Numbers And Conway's Constant
2 The Machine In The Ghost
3 Pulleys As Logic Gates
4 Search For Twin Prime Proof Slows
5 Complexity Theorist Gets Abel Prize
6 More Ties Than We Thought Or Ties Of The Matrix
7 Happy Pi Day!
8 Candy Crush Is Harder Than It Sounds - NP Hard
9 Does John Conway Hate Life?
10 A Mathematical Proof Too Long To Check - The Erdos Discrepancy Conjecture
11 Six Degrees Of Separation Is New
12 Knitting Is Turing Complete?
13 Quantum Computers Animated
14 Tensor Operations Are NP Hard
15 Cannibal Animal Games
16 Finding Solutions To Diophantine Equations By Smell
17 Kenneth Appel Remembered For Four Color Theorem Proof
18 The Life Of Pi - Yes It's Pi Day
19 48th Mersenne Prime Computed
20 Boson Sampling Tests Quantum Computing
21 Unshuffling A Square Is NP-Complete
22 A Paper In A Tweet
23 A Water Droplet-Based Computer
24 A Quantum Computer Finds Factors
25 The Revolution In Evolutionary Game Theory - Prisoners Dilemma Solved?
26 A New Computational Universe - Fredkin's SALT CA
27 What's a Sample of Size One Worth?
28 A Computable Universe - Roger Penrose On Nature As Computation
29 Hidden Markov Models, Viterbi and the Higgs Boson
30 A New Kind of Science Is Ten
31 Goldbach Conjecture - Closer to Solved?
32 Travelling Salesman - A Movie About P=NP
33 The Artificial Life of the App Store - the Best Strategy to Succeed
34 The Physical Travelling Salesman Challenge
35 Light Table - a Realization of a New Way to Code
36 A Crab-Based Computer
37 Szemerédi Awarded Abel Prize
38 Picture-Hanging Puzzles
39 Normal Numbers - A Video In Rhyme
40 Celebrate Pi Day It Contains All Human Knowledge
41 A Better Way To Program
42 Classic Nintendo Games Are NP Hard
43 Physics Is NP Hard
44 Turing's Biological Pattern Theory Proved
45 Just Enough Error Correction
46 $100,000 Prize For Proving Quantum Computers Are Impossible
47 Sorting Algorithms As A Video
48 Join the Reddit Read Through of Godel, Escher, Bach
49 The World's Ugliest Music - More than Random
50 Breakthrough! Faster Matrix Multiply
51 Pancake flipping is hard - NP hard
52 The KDD cup - good for algorithms
53 Fun with fractal squiggles
54 Random means random - the Green Card fiasco
55 Slime mould simulates Canadian transport system
56 Rubik's cube - the order of God's Number
57 Collatz conjecture proved?
58 60 trillionth binary digit of pi-squared calculated
59 Knuth prize goes to Microsoft researcher
60 The maximum overhang algorithm
61 DARPA spends $20 million on homomorphic encryption
62 Knuth at Google Tech Talks
63 Queuing theory revealed (Video)
64 Algorithms beat Moore's law
65 Wolfram thinks the future is natural language
66 Comic inspires visualization technique
67 More than 48 cores might be too many
68 Yahoo! Gets to the 2 Quadrillionth bit of Pi - it's zero
69 Update on the Proof of P≠NP?
70 Rubik's cube breakthrough
71 Proof of P≠NP?
72 5 Trillion Digits of Pi - New world record
73 Free summer reading - Robotics, AI and UX
74 Zip for the Genome - G-SQueeZ
75 Modifiable encryption

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