November 2011 Joomla Magazine Offers Advice to Nerds
November 2011 Joomla Magazine Offers Advice to Nerds
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 03 November 2011

November has arrived and so has the latest edition of the Joomla Community magazine. This issue has an article that lots of developers can relate to.

Autumn or Fall, call it what you will, has arrived and the so has November issue of the Joomla magazine.

This month's features including Top tips for Joomla nerds who need to survive the forthcoming holidays, an article that’s worth reading even if you’re not a Joomla nerd for its tongue-in-cheek useful advice on surviving talking to non-techie folk. In case you’re wondering, the top tip is to speak in simple sentences, as otherwise no-one actually understands what you’re saying.

Sad, but probably true.



There’s an interesting article on Joomla from a Japanese perspective, looking at what’s holding back Joomla from becoming a market leader in Japan and what changes could put this right. Elsewhere in the magazine, Paul Orwig looks at changing the look and feel of the backend administrator's area for a Joomla! website by editing the administrator template.

Ilagnayeru 'MIG' Manickam has some useful code to add the option to be able to sort articles on a website such as a blog by ‘recently touched’ date, so those articles that have been modified or created most recently come at the top. Joomla offers the option to sort on the created date, title, hits, and pre-defined order of the articles. If you want to add the option to sort on modified date, Mig has the code to do it.

Meanwhile Arlen Walker looks at rebasing in the Git software version control system. Because Git is distributed, you can have a situation where several versions of your code exist across different repositories. Arlen suggests you think of a git repository as a map, made up of nodes and pathways. The nodes are snapshots of the condition of the code, created after every commit. The pathways are a diff file that can be applied to one node to move to another. By using rebase, you can re-map the pathways to get the best of any reworking done on different branches of the code. It’s an interesting idea that looks powerful but potentially brain-bending.




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