Imagine Cup - the 2011 Finals
Imagine Cup - the 2011 Finals
Written by Sue Gee   
Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Worldwide Finals of the 2011 Imagine Cup opened on Friday when Steve Ballmer addressed the students teams who had travelled to New York to  make their presentations.

Jon Perera, General Manager, Academic Programs, Microsoft opened the 9th Imagine Cups Finals, being held in the USA for the first time in its history with:

" matter what happens this week, you guys have already won. More than 13,000 projects were submitted for this year's Imagine Cup. We have 134 projects represented right here in this room. You guys represent your cities, your universities, and your countries, and the world, in fact, is already a better place because of what you guys have done. You've started a conversation. You've built new solutions. You've started discussions with partners around the world. And that's important. That's critical. And that's what the Imagine Cup is all about. It's the world's largest technology event where we challenge you to solve the world's hardest problems using technology."

More than 300,000 students around the world initially registered to take part in the Imagine Cup 2011 so the 400 students in the hall had already advanced through multiple rounds of competition to make it this far.




After the First Round on Saturday 9 July the following 18 Software Design teams and the 15 Embedded Development teams move on to next round of competition. Today, Sunday 10 July, they present their projects to a different panel of judges to ultimately qualify for the final round on Tuesday.

  • Software Design (18 teams)
    • Brazil, LevelUP
    • Chile, Lifeware S.A.C.
    • China, Care Everyone
    • Croatia, apptenders
    • Czech Republic, Celebrio Software
    • Finland, Team 25k
    • India, Infiniti
    • Ireland, Team Hermes
    • Jordan, OaSys
    • Malaysia, Team Cyber Knightz
    • Morocco , White Light
    • New Zealand, OneBuzz
    • Romania, SIMPLEX
    • Russia, OriTeam
    • Slovakia, Zippers
    • Slovenia, 2ndSight
    • Ukraine, DashPoint
    • United States, Team Note-Taker
  • Embedded Development (15 teams)
    • Brazil, Embedded Brain
    • China, Harmonicare
    • Colombia, Freakin' Mind
    • Egypt, ideas 4 u
    • France, Give Me 4
    • India, Drushti
    • Indonesia, MACARA
    • Poland, WCY_TEAM
    • Romania, Endeavour_Design
    • Russia, Calvus
    • Singapore, Skynet
    • Spain, Argitech
    • Taiwan, N THUCS,
    • United Kingdom, Cycling into trees
    • United States, Syntax Errors
Voting in the People’s Choice Award continues for another two days so there is still time to vote.


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Imagine Cup 2011

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