Chrome Overtakes IE In Global Stats
Chrome Overtakes IE In Global Stats
Written by Janet Swift   
Monday, 21 May 2012

Chrome has been steadily increasing its share of the browser market while Internet Explorer's share has been in decline. Last week finally Chrome overtook IE.

This momentous event was noted from the data collected by StatCounter and is evident from this chart that shows the relative strengths of the top five browsers from May 23, 2011 until May 20, 2012 and shows that Chrome took the lead in Week 20, 2012, just last week:



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In North America however Internet Explorer is still comfortably in the lead and, although it has declined from 47% to 37% from this time last year, it has been a bumpier ride with periods of recovery in February and April:


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In both the Global chart and the one for North America Firefox, which was in second place in May 2011, is now in third place having lost share and then remained fairly steady. Globally it has around 26%,  but only 22% in North America. Safari is in fourth place in both charts and has increased its share over the year but, while it has gone from 10% to 12%  in North America, globally it has gone from 4% to 7%. Opera is pretty steady at under 2% globally, but under 1% in North America.

So how does our site compare to StatCounter's figures? 

Although more of I Programmer's traffic comes from the USA than any other region, Chrome is by far the most popular browser on our site (40% share) and Internet Explorer comes a very poor third with only 12%  Firefox accounts for 30%, Safari for 9% and Android is the the fifth most popular with 5% pushing Opera which has 3% into sixth place as shown in the chart below which compares I Programmer's current browser distribution with the two sets of Stat Counter figures discussed above.




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