Rider IDE Improves Webstorm Support
Rider IDE Improves Webstorm Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 20 July 2017

There's a Release Candidate of Rider, JetBrains' new cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper.

As we explained when the details were first announced in January, Rider is a cross platform IDE for C# based on IntelliJ and ReSharper.  Unlike ReSharper, which is hosted as part of Visual Studio, Project Rider is a standalone IDE that runs under Windows, OS X and Linux, and that can build and run .NET Framework, Mono and DNX projects. The front end is written in Kotlin, the language JetBrains wrote for its own in-house needs. The Resharper element is JetBrain'code analysis and re-factoring plugin for Visual Studio.

The release candidate,  Rider 2017.1, improves WebStorm functionality, improves overall performance compared to earlier betas, and interacts better with NuGet.


nuget private feed support


JetBrains describes Rider as combining the best of ReSharper, IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm, combined. WebStorm is JetBrains' JavaScript IDE, and Rider offers many of its features. Where both ReSharper and WebStorm offer tools for JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS and HTML, Rider offers the WebStorm features as those provide better functionality for web development.

The performance of Rider is one area that has been improved in this version. Rider starts roughly 5-10 seconds faster than the previous beta on Windows.

The F# editor is another element where the performance has improved. JetBrains says that in the beta, there were some short but noticeable freezes due to some race conditions between parsing and analyzing code. These have now been overcome.

Elsewhere, NuGet restore has been optimized by restoring for .NET Core only when changes have been made; and by making Rider try the local cache first when restoring packages.

Still on NuGet, support has been added for private feed authentication, so that where teams are using their own in-house or externally hosted NuGet repository, Rider will now specify the necessary credentials to connect to them.


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