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26 Why The Internet Of Things Has A Problem
27 The Perils Of Mozilla
28 Catalyst And More - An Interview With Matt Trout
29 Is This What It Now Means To Build A Computer?
30 Review Of The Programming Year 2013
31 HTML Apps - The Long Road Yet To Travel
32 Robots Are Rubbish!
33 We Make Nothing
34 Web Apps Or Firefox OS Apps?
35 WAT! JavaScript, Ignorance And Prejudice
36 Why The End User Cloud Is Dead
37 Microsoft v The Developers
38 Why Do We Try To Make Programming Like Something Else?
39 Tools Doth A Language Make
40 Is The Start Button Coming Back To Windows 8?
41 Perlito - An Interview With Flávio Glock
42 Windows 8 - The Desktop Destroyer
43 Why PyWeek: An Interview with Richard Jones
44 Teach Code In School - Before It's Too Late!
45 What Every Developer Needs To Know Now
46 Data Typing Is A Relic
47 Programming News Review Of 2012
48 Niecza - Perl 6 Implemented in .NET
49 Trouble At Code School
50 IE The Browser You Loved To Hate
51 HTML5 After The Hype
52 In Praise of Skeuomorphy
53 JavaScript Is Basic's Offspring
54 Perl 6 and Parrot - In Conversation with Moritz Lenz
55 The Disastrous Fragmentation Of Web Apps
56 Living In The Post .NET Era
57 When Open Source Attacks
58 How Google Took Over My Digital Life
59 The New Kindles - The Rise Of Amazondroid
60 A New Microsoft Logo - Sign Of The Times
61 Debugging and the Experimental Method
62 MOOCs Fail Students With Dark Age Methods
63 Why the Trope of Anita Sarkeesian Matters
64 IronJS - In Conversation with Fredrik Holmström
65 A Woman at Google I/O
66 The State of Windows 8
67 The Astonishing Tale of WP8 - Compiling 100,000 Apps
68 Jailbreaking the Developer
69 Windows 8 Release Preview - Marriage of Inconvenience
70 Microsoft's Extinction Event
71 The Oracle v Google Trial IProgrammer Reads the Patents
72 Why Do We Tolerate IE? Just Say No
73 How Microsoft Could Have Done Metro
74 The Functional View of the New Languages
75 The War At Microsoft - Managed v Unmanaged
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