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56 HTML5 After The Hype
57 JavaScript Is Basic's Offspring
58 Perl 6 and Parrot - In Conversation with Moritz Lenz
59 The Disastrous Fragmentation Of Web Apps
60 Living In The Post .NET Era
61 When Open Source Attacks
62 How Google Took Over My Digital Life
63 The New Kindles - The Rise Of Amazondroid
64 A New Microsoft Logo - Sign Of The Times
65 MOOCs Fail Students With Dark Age Methods
66 Why the Trope of Anita Sarkeesian Matters
67 IronJS - In Conversation with Fredrik Holmström
68 A Woman at Google I/O
69 The State of Windows 8
70 The Astonishing Tale of WP8 - Compiling 100,000 Apps
71 Jailbreaking the Developer
72 Windows 8 Release Preview - Marriage of Inconvenience
73 Microsoft's Extinction Event
74 The Oracle v Google Trial IProgrammer Reads the Patents
75 Why Do We Tolerate IE? Just Say No
76 How Microsoft Could Have Done Metro
77 The Functional View of the New Languages
78 The War At Microsoft - Managed v Unmanaged
79 Windows 8's Private API - WOA For Developers
80 The One Addition That Would Make HTML5 Great
81 2011 - I Programmer's Review of the Year
82 2011 - The Year HTML5 Won
83 Why We Don't Need Even More Programming Languages
84 Windows 8: A Frankenstein Monster
85 Raspberry Pi or Programming - What shall we teach the children?
86 Windows Phone 7 Sunk by Silverlight
87 Windows Fragmentation
88 Ingres becomes Actian - some questions answered
89 Gadget failure - overlapping windows and screen size
90 JavaScript - is the new Basic!
91 HTML - is it really going to hack it?
92 Semantic HTML5?
93 How will Windows Phone 7 be successful?
94 To be a programmer in a post PC era..
95 In Praise of Perl and the Llama
96 Was .NET all a mistake?
97 The Irrelevance of the New C++ Standard
98 Why your next language better be C++
99 Dumping .NET - Microsoft's Madness
100 IPv6: The Programmer's View
101 Classic VB is 20 and still missed by many
102 JavaScript Inherits The Earth
103 Microsoft goes native - HTML5 that is
104 Java and C
105 WebOS on every HP PC - the developer's take
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