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Since the Internet got a grip on life some things have been better, but many things are worse and some things are being taken away never to be returned. It's an unequal sort of progress.So here we are, facing changes to what has been part of our culture for hundreds of years.

This section is I-Programmer's reflections on why an e-zine isn't ever a replacement for a magazine and challenges some of our naive assumptions about the way the web works.

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1 Adblocking - Looking For A Solution
2 Google's War On Links - Prohibition All Over Again
3 Reddit Admits Banning Major Sites
4 Google Needs a New Search Algorithm
5 In Praise of Alexa
6 Rationality, advertising and profit
7 The Daily - how will it change epublishing?
8 A web site for $5 a month?
9 Flattr me - Micropayments yet again
10 Publishers bypassed by Kindle ebooks
11 Blogs, Books and Boologs
12 Truth, beauty and sock puppets
13 Failure of the Google Gold Standard
14 A Kindle diary
15 A book's worth...
16 The shrinking page
17 Pricing ebooks
18 The web is pull not push
19 Reddit is rude
20 Web site infant mortality
21 Both sides now…
22 Why Kindle Is The Answer
23 OpenID - the Webmaster's tale
24 The cost of content
25 Spam = Licence to the Lynch Mob
26 The New Metric
27 Googlenomics - Experimental SEO
28 The Social Book Mark
29 The Myth of Search
30 Value the Gatekeeper

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