Bargain Computer Books*Beta

I-Programmer loves book and loves book bargains. Amazon often has books at half price or less and when you take into account used books you can find titles at an amazing knock-down price.

This utility has been written to trawl through Amazon's catalogue for computer book bargains. Each time you click the "Find more books" button an Agent searches for new books and shows you ten it considers to be a bargain - it doesn't always get it right in the time allowed so click again and give it another chance!

If you click on the Best Price link you will open a new window showing the details of the offer. Notice that the offer may be for a used book and there may be alternative used or new books that are close in price and offer a better overall deal. If you click on the "Buy from Amazon" button then the offer at the best price will be placed in your shopping cart.

* Currently Bargain Computer Books is still in beta testing - so be kind to it and please report any errors or request improvements with an email to report