The legends of the computing industry made huge technological advances often against the odds. Some names you will know from current news - Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Alan Sugar - but computer history started much earlier and there are many pioneers you should know about.
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1 Ada Lovelace, The First Programmer
2 Adam Osborne Serial Entrepreneur
3 AI and Games Pioneer, A L Samuel
4 Alan Kay
5 Alan Sugar - Amstrad and the CPC
6 An Wang - The Man Who Might Have Invented The Personal Computer
7 Andrew Booth and the Forgotten Computers
8 Bill Gates - Before He Was Famous
9 Charles Babbage - The First Computer Visionary
10 Claude Shannon - Information Theory And More
11 Clive Sinclair And The Small Home Computer Revolution
12 Dan Bricklin - Inventor of the PC Spreadsheet
13 Donald Knuth & The Art of Computer Programming
14 Douglas Engelbart - The Man Who Invented The Future
15 Douglas Hartree and the Meccano Computer
16 Edsger Dijkstra - The Poetry Of Programming
17 Gary Kildall - CP/M, Digital Research and GEM
18 Gene Amdahl
19 Gordon Bell And DEC - The Mini Computer Era
20 Grace Hopper - The Mother of Cobol
21 Herman Hollerith and the Punch Card
22 Howard Aiken and the Harvard Mark I
23 Ivan Sutherland - Father of Computer Graphics
24 Jay Forrester and Whirlwind
25 John Backus - the Father of Fortran
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