Chatbots for eCommerce
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Friday, 13 April 2018

Chatbots are increasingly being used in the realm of customer service. Banks have led the way with voice automation and many businesses are following this trend. If you need to be convinced of the the role of the chatbot in e-commerce, this infographic has gathered some insights and predictions.


Source: Market Inspector

It is already a common experience when you are on a shopping website to see a "May I help you" message pop-up. If you respond sometimes you will find yourself chatting to another human, but increasingly the responses are coming from a bot. While there are still issues of trust, increasingly customers are discovering that chatbots are indeed helpful - particularly in cases where there are human customer service agents available to deal with complex queries.

As this infographic indicates the benefit of incorporating chatbots into the interaction between customers and businesses is that it means that multiple customers can be dealt with simultaneously and routine queries can be handled without the need for human intervention.

Already 47% of customers are will to make a purchase from a chatbot and 55% prefer to deal with businesses that uses messaging to solve problems. It seems perfectly plausible that 80% of businesses will emply some form of chatbot by 2020 and that banks will delegate up to 90% of their interactions with customers to them by 2022.

So next time you create an e-commerce site make sure to include a bot that has both natural language processing capability and an engaging personality.



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