GCHQ Launches Spy Summer School
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Sunday, 31 January 2016

The UK's national security organization, GCHQ, has launched a Cyber Insiders course to help recruit train future analysts and will pay those who attend.

As the UK communications agency, GCHQ specialises in security and intelligence gathering and analysis to combat threats in cyberspace from cybercriminals, terrorists, hackers, fraudsters, organised criminal gangs and paedophile rings.



It has recently announced that it is to run two summer schools to help train a new generation of cyber experts. The Cyber Insiders Summer School is part of GCHQ's drive to recruit the best computer science graduates. The course is open to students in the first or second year of a computer science degree who are skilled in at least one computer language and have an interest in cyber. Those attending get a ten-week cyber training programme given by GCHQ cybersecurity experts, along with guest speakers from some of the world’s leading technology companies. An added attraction is the incentive of £50 ($70) a day (£250/$350 per week) for attendance.

A second course is aimed at high school age students, and teaches cyber skills such as information assurance, the structure of the Internet and programming languages.

The application asks potential attenders:

"Does the world of cyber intrigue you? Do you want to get your head around how the internet works in more detail? Do you have an aptitude for problem solving? Have you considered a career in intelligence?

"We'll provide you with a fantastic opportunity to really understand how the internet works and how GCHQ uses this to protect and serve our nation - the public, the government and our armed services."

The course combines classroom teaching, talks from GCHQ experts, and practical problems to solve. The final challenge is a "live exercise" in which the students compete to solve a problem using all the skills they've learned.


More Information

Cyber Insiders Summer School

Cyber Exposure Summer School

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