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Written by Lucy Black   
Friday, 03 May 2013

A report from Distimo compares Amazon Appstore and Google Play in terms of downloads and revenue from Android apps. Meanwhile Apple claims it expects to pay developers at least $1 billion per quarter  from now on.


The latest report from app analytics experts Distimo provides some interesting findings about Amazon Appstore which is  the largest third-part app store for Android.  The report includes only the US Appstore in this comparison with Google Play but the Appstore also currently operates in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and recently announced that it would soon open distribution in nearly 200 additional countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa and South Korea.

With this expansion of Amazon AppStore's reach in prospect, Distimo intends to add AppIQ support for the Amazon Appstore to give developers feedback about daily estimated downloads and one-off revenues. Data for March are provided in Distimo's latest report. Due to differences between their recording procedures Distimo reports device installs for Google Play and user downloads for Amazon Appstore.

Overall the number of  downloads of free applications is much higher in Google Play than in the Amazon Appstore. Roughly speaking, Google Play is more than ten times bigger than the Amazon Appstore in the U.S. This chart shows three examples of free applications with their download volume. Fruit Ninja Free by Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd was downloaded over nine times more often from Google Play, where it clocked up 2.3M device installs compared to 250k downloads in the Amazon Appstore. Also from Halfbrick Studios, Jetpack Joyride had 216k downloads on Appstore and almost four times as many installs on Play, while it has 818k device installs in Google Play. The third example, Jewels Stars from iTreeGamer which was ranked #50 in the Appstore in March, was downloaded over eight times more from Play.


Distimo revealed that the top 200 paid applications surveyed had a total of 1.6 million downloads and earned 3 million dollars on one-off fees in March 2013. Looking at the top 1000 paid applications, Amazon Appstore achieves roughly half as many downloads as Google Play although as this chart shows there is considerable variability: 



Temple Run: Oz  is a new app from Disney and is #5 in the Amazon Appstore where it had 42K downloads compared to over 140k device installs, 3.4 times as many on Google Play. Bloon TD 5 by Ninja Kiwi had 2.6 times more device installs
in Google Play than in Amazon Appstore. The third example, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox by THUP Games was downloaded more in the Amazon Appstore than in Google Play, with 5.7K downloads from Appstore compared to 5.0K from Play.





Previous Distimo reports have revealed that Apple's App Store outperforms Google Play in terms of downloads and revenue and when it recently reported its quarterly earnings Apple revealed it had now served over 45 billion App Store downloads and paid out a total of $9 billion to developers. It also said it expects to pay out $1 billion to developers every quarter.


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