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Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 08 November 2013

Developers of mobile apps will be able to track their usage and test interface changes with two new services from Amazon that have been added to the Insights SDK.

The new services can be used with iOS, Android and Fire OS apps. The Analytics service gives access to metrics on daily and monthly active devices, retention, and in-app purchases, while the A/B Testing service gives you the ability to test up to five different in-app experiences at the same time to work out which is most successful.

In a blog post about the new services, Amazon’s Peter Heinrich said that Analytics helps you: “quickly assess customer engagement so you can make tactical adjustments. Having empirical data on in-app revenue trends, for example, lets you take active steps to improve monetization. You can view graphical reports or download the raw data in CSV format.“

The Analytics Dashboard displays nine metrics with supporting graphs to give you a quick overview of your app or game performance, optionally filtered by platform.


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The available metrics show which devices are active daily and monthly, how often your app is used on a given day and for how long, and in-app revenue trend data.

The A/B tests let you present alternative versions of your features and content to different subsets of your customers, allowing you to measure and identify which version is most effective at “conversion”—for example, convincing a player to stay in the game, purchase an upgrade, or submit feedback when requested. 



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Heinrich says:

“we have been improving the A/B Testing service ever since we launched it for Amazon Appstore apps last year, adding A/B/n tests, user segmentation, and Engagement Reports. As of today, the service also supports all Android (not just Fire OS) and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Not only does it allow you to run A/B tests on the fly without writing client-side code or redeploying your app, it is free no matter how much you use it, regardless of platform.”

Both Analytics and A/B Testing are bundled in the Amazon Mobile App SDK and initialized with a single method call.


More Information

Analytics and A/B Testing: Mobile Developers Get More Free, Cross-Platform Services from Amazon

Download Amazon Mobile App SDK

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