Amazon Introduces Kinesis Analytics
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 15 August 2016

Amazon has launched a service for querying streaming data using standard SQL to help developers create apps that analyze real-time data without the need to use specialist languages and techniques such as those in Apache Storm.


Amazon Kinesis Analytics lets you use normal SQL to create queries that run on data that is constantly updating and arriving in massive volumes. The service is linked to Amazon's other Kinesis services: Kinesis Streams and Kinesis Firehose, which provide ways to send data into Amazon's cloud. The output from a Kinesis Analytics stream can be routed to other Amazon services such as Amazon S3, Redshift, and Elasticsearch Service, or sent to your own custom endpoint.

The idea is that you can use it on data sources that change rapidly in real time such as stock market data or web site analysis. The advantage it offers is that a lot more developers are competent in SQL than will ever learn more specialist languages.

The underlying technology behind Kinesis Analytics comes from SQLstream Blaze. This is a stream processing suite that offers real-time information from the integration, analysis and visualization of high volume, high velocity data. Amazon has licensed a subset of the core technologies of SQLstream Blaze.

In Kinesis Analytics, queries run in a processing window that takes a subset of the data coming in. You get a choice of three types of window - for a specific time period; sliding windows that give you the most recent set of data of a specific size; and custom windows when you can't really group on time.

Amazon Kinesis Analytics can work with data in formats including JSON, CSV, and TSV, and will suggest a schema when it recognises the data format. You then use the Kinesis Analytics SQL editor and pre-built templates to write SQL queries, tell the service where you want processed results to be sent, and from that point onwards Kinesis Analytics continuously runs your queries, automatically scaling to match the volume and throughput rate of incoming data. 




Amazon Kinesis Analytics is currently available in a subset of AWS Regions, namely N. Virginia, Oregon, and Ireland.


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Introducing Amazon Kinesis Analytics

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