.NET T-Shirts - Would You Wear One?
Written by Alex Denham   
Monday, 25 May 2015

Now that coding has become a very cool thing to do, plans are in hand to produce t-shirts sporting .NET language logos. Developers are invited to have their say on design issues such as color.

When presenters at Build 2015 took to the stage in their "Save the day with VB and C# t-shirts" community members wanted to know where they could get their own.




As Anthony D. Green, Microsoft's Program Manager on the Managed Languages (VB/C#/F#) team (aka @ThatVBGuy) explains on the .NET Blog:

These were originally team t-shirts from years ago and every time one of us wears one of them out at a talk or a conference without fail you let us know how much you'd love to get your hands on one. Finally Visual Basic MVP Jim Wooley shot me a tweet saying "Just put it on CafePress.com already!".

As the original pattern has been lost Green has come up with some designs based on them and is asking for feedback.

He writes: 

I've always had a few problems with the original designs. They're obvious homages to Superman but the background is black instead of blue which is weird. What if the background were blue? Should the C# one be blue too?

He also points out that the range should include F#, as shown here with a dark high contrast theme:



Having presented a range of possibilities he blogs:

I'm still playing with the patterns a bit but with any luck we might have these available online somewhere just in time for summer so you can let everyone know exactly who the coolest person on the beach is. We don't have any plans to make any capes but never say never. In the meantime let me know what you think. Do you like any of these designs? Should we make just one available or several? 

The response to the post indicates that devs like the idea and some helpful suggestions have been made about fonts, color schemes and whether or not there should be subtitles. This comment is typical: 

I'd change the classic theme version  to red, yellow, blue for all languages (i.e. only the text is different and add F#).

In the dark theme, I'm not sure if there is enough contrast green/black in the C#-variant.

In the subtitles, remove "Visual" from the C# and F#-variants. Also, a version without the subtitles would be great.

But besides that, shut up and take my money!

One pertinent questions is:

Will they be available in different models? Perhaps a female fit or a lower neckline?





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