Chromium Bug Tracker Now Open Source
Written by Alex Denham   
Thursday, 21 April 2016

Chromium is Google's open source browser, which shares much of its core browser code with Chrome, Google's proprietary product. Now Monorail, the Chromium bug tracker, has been made open source. 

Monorail is the Issue Tracker used by the Chromium project and other related Google projects. It replaced the previous chromium issue tracker (, which was only migrated to Monorail in February. Monorail was built as a replacement for by Google's Chrome Infrastructure team because, as we reported in March 2015, Google Code was being shut down, a process that completed in January 2016.

The announcement that it is now open source came in an message sent to member of the Chromium-Dev group which said:

"Although we began development of our new issue tracker in a closed environment, and proceeded there to maintain momentum, it was always our goal to eventually open-source the project. And now, we have."

Issues logged with have been migrated with full fidelity to Monorail, which has been designed as a nearly identical drop-in replacement.  The Chromium wiki content has been moved from the wiki into the repository.

You can run Monorail locally, though you will need a local MySQL database to do so. It differs from the issue tracker mainly in offering support for components and custom fields. The developers say that it also has many changes under the covers designed to make it easier to maintain and enhance in the future.

In answer to the question on whether Monorail has or will have an API, the developers said:

"We believe in APIs and we will launch with support for a very limited API that should allow the small number of existing API clients to transition to Monorail. We will be designing and implementing a new comprehensive API in the future. Both APIs will require whitelisted clients, and we'll need to gain more operational experience supporting these APIs before taking on new clients."

 chromiumMore Information

Monorail on Google Git

Chromium-Dev site

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