Gifts For Programmers
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Saturday, 03 December 2016

So you have a programmer to buy a gift for? Not easy because you might not understand their strange world or the strange humour. We have a solution - just read on. If you are the programmer in question then just optimize the code and buy the gift yourself.



Bugs - so funny. This is a mug that all programmers deserve to drink from to remind them of the true state of the universe. Only available from but it ships to other non-US addresses.




Eat, sleep, code - sounds familiar? This Tshirt is available in a range of colors and sizes and has the huge advantage of actually having some code on the front and not some random advertising logo. I'm not sure of the language but I'm worried about its syntax highlighting...

Available from only.



If you want a something similar, I think better, from then what about a quantified version? Not sure those times are right - most of us can code and eat at the same time. Some can even code in their sleep and do most nights....







This isn't a joke. This is what all our job security is based on - and who needs to learn Old High Elvish. We just don't bother to document.... Its a bumper sticker available from


watchNo one actually needs a binary wrist watch but.... I also need to tell you that $9/£6 it isn't going to break the bank and so makes a good novelty item - don't expect Apple Watch quality!

Put simply this is the only watch smart a programmer needs but only if they really know binary well enough to pull of the trick of telling the time without having to look at their computer screen. Available from and





tote1This is a classic, not sure why, but it is. This is something many of us programmers just don't have outside of CSS - yes style. I'm also a bit doubtful about what I'd put in it? My tablet perhaps or the junk I usually have to carry on the back seat. Still as I say its a classic. 

Available from  and from


romperA joke you cannot afford to miss if you have a side project, up to 2 years old, this holiday season then you have to get one of these baby rompers. Make sure they wear it often and get a good stock of photos for the future embarrassment of said subject - you wont regret it. 

Available in a range of sizes and colors from and







And finally for this roundup we have another horror story you can wear on your chest. Doesn't it always end with "How did that ever work?" Is this a universal law that should be added to the cannon? Obviously. This is available from in a range of sizes and colors. 






If you want to shop at then there is a slightly different design with the same sentiment also available in a range of colors and sizes.






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