Early Bird Savings For SDD 2017
Written by Sue Gee   
Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Software Design and Development Conference takes place from 15-19 May. Register by midnight on January 27th, to benefit from a significant discount whether you book for a single workshop, for the 3-day conference or for a 5-day pass.




2017 will be the 4th consecutive year that SDD takes place at London's Barbican Centre, which is a conference venue in addition to being a world-class art centre.  

The event has expanded in terms of its sessions in each successive year and in 2017 delegates will be able to choose from over 100 in-depth sessions and workshops delivered by 40 speakers. They include leading experts like Allen Holub, Juval Löwy, Rachel Appel, Kevlin Henney, Scott Allen, Cory House, Hadi Hariri, Richard Blewett, Dino Esposito, Kathleen Dollard, Andy Clymer, Oliver Sturm, Brock Allen, Chander Dhall, Dominick Baier, and many more. The topics they will cover include Angular, C# 6 & 7, Microservices Architecture, ASP.NET Core, Async Programming, React, Software Project Design, Agile Architecture, Clean Code, TDD, Debugging, Continuous Delivery, TypeScript, DDD, Machine Learning, Identity & Security, and much more.

One of the best reasons to take time out of your normal schedule and attend any conference is in order to get an independent view on the latest technologies from experts in their specific topics. 

As per its established format SDD runs for five days, with the main three-day conference taking place from Tuesday to Thursday, and optional pre- and post-conference workshops (which can be booked on a standalone basis) on the Monday and Friday. 

For 2017 there will be 18 all-day workshops, which give attendees the opportunity to focus intensively on a specific topic or technology for a whole day, including React, Async Programming, C#, JavaScript, Enterprise Architecture, ASP.NET Core and Microservices, a topic which proved very popular last year. Unlike the main conference, where you can decide on the day which sessions to attend, you need to specify in advance which of the workshops you are interested in spaces are limited.  

The main conference will open with a Keynote from Mark Richards with the title The Art of Problem Solving in which he will look at heuristics, discussing how to approach problems and providing some techniques for solving them effectively. Beyond this the conference proceeds with eight tracks to choose from. Unlike other events SDD's sessions last for 90 minutes,  allowing speakers to cover a topic in considerable depth, rather than just skimming the surface. Most sessions will include in-depth code demos rather than just a set of PowerPoint slides.

Helpfully, all the sessions are ranked in two ways on a scale of 1 to 5. Coding Level indicates how much demo coding the session will contain, a rating of 1 means none, and 5 means nothing-but. In terms of what to expect in terms of difficulty,  Advanced Level 1 means introductory, and 5 means black-belt.


An interactive way to discover what topics are on offer is provided by the SDD Schedule. Here each talk is tagged by topic - or rather topics since the vast majority have multiple tags. If you click on a tag you'll find all the sessions the relate to this topic. If you click on a speaker, you'll find all their sessions together with their profile and if you click a session you'll find it within the timetable. Click Show Description to get the same overview content as in the Brochure.

There are refreshment breaks, for coffee/tea or lunch, between each sessions and these give time to network as well as get you brain into gear for more. 



Feedback from attendees at SDD 2016 gave it a 98% rating for Overall experience, Quality of sessions and workshops and Quality of speakers. In 2017 everybody concerned will be trying to do even better. 


I Programmer Is A Media Sponsor Of SDD 2017


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