Sneak Peek At DEVintersection Europe
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 30 July 2015

The DEVintersection conference covering the intersection of tools, technologies, platforms and solutions will run in Europe for the first time this year, with coverage of technologies including ASP.NET 5, Visual Studio 2015, AngularJS, Azure, and IoT.



The conference will take place in Amsterdam on October 14-16 2015 and the Early Bird regisistation offer runs until July 31st. There is also a package deal with the Unity Connect conference to make a further saving.

DEVintersection is a collaboration between Microsoft, .NET Rocks, and NextGen Conferences, and its basic idea is to be a conference that lets you hear in-depth analysis by experts on the technologies you’re using today, then to cross over and hear what's happening with other technologies to keep you on the cutting edge. DEVintersection takes place at the same time and location as Anglebrackets, which brings together open source collaborators on technologies including Angular, HTML 5,, bootstrap, and Node.js.

Among the Azure sessions planned for the conference, Michele Bustamante will be giving A Lap around Azure API Apps’, while Scott Hunter’s talk covers Azure App Service Architecture. Paul Yuknewicz will look at Building and Diagnosing N-tier Apps with Azure SDK & Tools using Azure Resource Manager JSON templates, while in Building Your Azure Game Plan Michele Bustamante shows how to map your design and feature requirements to the right Azure features.


The ASP.NET coverage starts with Dan Wahlin’s ASP.NET 5 in 60-ish minutes covering the many new features of ASP.NET 5, along with Scott Hunter’s Introduction to ASP.NET 5. Brian Noyes looks at Building Rich Data Services with ASP.NET Web API, covering how to build everything from a simple RESTful CRUD service, to one that support OData queries, to a full blown OData service. Brady Gaster looks at SignalR, one of the latest additions to the ASP.NET web stack, and Christian Weyer’s Real Cross-Platform talk asks Can the ASP.NET Ecosystem do it for Servers? He’ll show how to use both, current ASP.NET Web API & SignalR and the new, modern and lightweight open source ASP.NET 5 to have your .NET code running on Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.

There are some good Visual Studio sessions. Marcel De Vries will talk about Visual Studio 2015 Productivity Enhancements, and Michele Bustamante will look at Cloud-based Load Testing of web applications with Visual Studio 2015, while Marcel De Vries will talk on implementing the Build-Measure-Learn loop with Visual Studio 2015 and App insights.

JavaScript fans are also catered for, with sessions including ECMAScript 6 – The Old New JavaScript; and Hadi Hariri’s startlingly titled “So You Write JavaScript? Keep the Crap Out of There Then!

Scott Allen’s Introduction to Aurelia looks at how to use the JavaScript framework for building responsive, interactive applications in HTML.

Other sessions include Angular 2 in 60-ish Minutes; Architecting Large Single Page Applications with Knockout.js; and building maintainable WPF Apps with Prism. Christian Weyer looks at Real Cross-Platform and asks “Can HTML5, AngularJS & Cordova do it for Clients?”, while a session by Scott Allen on Roslyn and .NET Code Gems looks at what was made available when Microsoft moved their compilers and framework to an open source model.

As with all NextGen conferences, there’s plenty of times set aside to interact with your favorite Microsoft experts and industry gurus. The conference will take place in Amsterdam on October 14-16 2015. Book by July 31st for Early Bird savings and save a further 10% (at any time) by quoting PROG10, which is exclusive to IProgrammer readers and can be used in conjunction with other discounts.



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