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More Monitors!
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Thursday, 03 November 2016

There has been a long-running debate on whether or not multiple monitors - specifically at least two - improve programmer productivity but there are still some things worth saying.

Last Updated on Thursday, 03 November 2016
What Makes A Programmer
Written by Mike James   
Thursday, 13 October 2016

The following account is based on personal experience and you can feel free to disagree with it. I can only hope that doing so illuminates your opinion about this strange and amazing thing we do with symbols that is called "programming".

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 October 2016
The BBC Micro:bit Which Language?
Written by Sue Gee & Mike James   
Monday, 16 May 2016

The micro:bit is supposed to be a breakthrough educational tool that will introduce physical computing to the masses, starting with 11- to 12-year olds. However, even physical computing needs code and this raises the question of which language to use. 

Last Updated on Monday, 16 May 2016
Artificial Intelligence For Better Or Worse?
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 04 April 2016

Advancement in the field of Artificial intelligence is like a tsunami that cannot be stopped. There is a new conquest everyday that, piece by piece completes the puzzle. But what happens when the puzzle is finally assembled? Will the world transcend into a new state of consciousness or will it come face to face with its own demise? It's not easy to tell, but there are hints and indications from both directions.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 April 2016
Hackathons Considered Harmful
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Thursday, 17 March 2016

Is Harry Fairhead being serious when he says that Hackathons are dangerous? Does he really want to see the zen put back into code? What exactly is the objection to being cool?

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 March 2016

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