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The Partnership On AI
Sep 30 | Nikos Vaggalis
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Amazon, DeepMind/Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft have announced the founding of a non-profit organization that to advance public understanding of artificial intelligence technologies and formulate best practices on the challenges and opportunities AI presents.

Alexa Prize For Conversational AI
Sep 30 | Sue Gee
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With $2.5 million dollars on the table Amazon's new Alexa Prize, an annual competition for University students, could be the stimulus to making significant breakthroughs in conversational AI.

The Weekly Top 10: More JavaScript Development Resources
Sep 29 | Ian Elliot
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In this week's selection of other people's blog posts you'll find JavaScript libraries, frameworks and developers. We've also included two posts on debugging and one from John Resig on JavaScript Inheritance.

//No Comment - Earth on AWS & The 280-Year-Old Algorithm Inside Google Trips
Sep 29 | David Conrad
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• Earth on AWS Opens Access to Large Geospatial Datasets


• The 280-Year-Old Algorithm Inside Google Trips

dbForge Studio For SQL Server Adds Documenter
Sep 29 | Kay Ewbank
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There's a new version of dbForge Studio for SQL Server with a database documenter feature. 

Google-backed Virtual Reality Nanodegree
Sep 29 | Sue Gee
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In conjunction with Google VR, HTC, Upload and Unity, Udacity has announced a new nanodegree for developers aspiring to a career in virtual reality.

GitHub Octoverse Reveals The State Of Open Source
Sep 28 | Lucy Black
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Ahead of its annual conference earlier this month, GitHub published a fascinating report. The fact that attracted most attention is that Microsoft is the organization with the most open source contributors. What else does it tell us?

Mozilla Removes Firefox OS Code From Gecko
Sep 28 | Ian Elliot
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Firefox OS is a lesson in over-reaching. Mozilla thought that open source, real open source not the approximation that Google serves up with Android, could take over the mobile world. It didn't and the slow train-wreck continues. 

//No Comment - HHVM, Bash & CoffeeScript
Sep 28 | Alex Amstrong
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• Facebook's PHP/HACK VM - HHVM 3.15 

• Bash-4.4 Release available 

• CoffeeScript 1.11.0

More Professional Data Science Training
Sep 27 | Sue Gee
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MIT Professional Education is launching a new online Data Science course next week. This adds to the existing range of options available to those in the data science field who want a credential that can help further their careers. 

Oracle Introduces Low-Code Cloud Dev Platform
Sep 27 | Kay Ewbank
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Oracle has announced a cloud-based, low-code development platform called Project Visual Code.

CouchDB Adds Clustering Support
Sep 26 | Kay Ewbank
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Apache CouchDB 2.0 has been released with native support for clustering.

//No Comment - Fighting Bots,Open Source Image Captioning & An Open Source Deep Face Recognition SDK
Sep 26 | Mike James
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• Even Good Bots Fight

• Show and Tell: image captioning open sourced in TensorFlow

• VIPLFaceNet: An Open Source Deep Face Recognition SDK

Ghost Minitaur - The Springy Robot
Sep 25 | Harry Fairhead
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Ghost Minitaur is a clever design for a robot and it is great fun to watch. You can buy one for even more fun. 

Throw A Paper Plane Around The World And Catch One!
Sep 24 | David Conrad
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Is this VR, AR or something else? The Google blog explaining the idea doesn't seem clear on the matter either. It all starts with a simple thought, "What if you could throw a paper plane from one screen to another?"

//No Comment - New Coursera Specializations
Sep 24 | Administrator
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Coursera has some new Computer Science and Data Science specializations ready to roll from next week.

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Book Review

ASP.NET 4.6 Web Programming with C# 2015
Thursday 29 Sep

Author: Mary Delamater, Anne Boehm
Publisher: Murach
ISBN: 978-1890774950
Kindle: N/A
Audience: C# developers
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Kay Ewbank

This is a book designed for programmers who know C# and want to use ASP.NET web forms to develop server-side web applications. 


Featured Articles

Android Adventures - Building The UI 2.2
Mike James
article thumbnail

If you've been reading Android Adventures, at this point you understand how the Activity and the View fit together to create a simple application, but the Android UI is more complicated than most because of its need to cope with a range of very different screen sizes and orientations. In this chapter, now updated to Android Studio Version 2.2, we look at the problem of layout and working with the UI framework. On the way we build a calculator app.

How Will AI Transform Life By 2030? Initial Report
Nikos Vaggalis
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The panel of experts tackling "The One-Hundred Year Study of Artificial Intelligence" attempts to address this question in an in-depth report that reviews the advancements and benefits as well as challenges that this technology heralds.

Javascript Data Structures - a collection object
Ian Elliot
article thumbnail

Javascript has some good basic facilities for implementing data structures without too much effort. In this article the data structure under review is the collection, including an enumerator.

Deep C# - Anonymous Methods, Lambdas And Closures
Mike James
article thumbnail

Anonymous methods aren't particularly new, but they have hidden depths and lead on to lambdas and the idea of a closure. These are all important ideas in modern programming.

Taming Regular Expressions
Nikos Vaggalis
article thumbnail

Despite their power, regular expressions come with their own challenges. First of all, they have a tendency to quickly become unreadable, so that understanding them becomes a matter of deobfuscation. Furthermore learning how to use them involves a steep curve as they've always been difficult to master.


Unhandled Exception!
Error Code


Error Code

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Error messages they almost define your generation and they certainly do define your personality -
abend anyone? What about "error in line nn" or "something went wrong". I wish I'd been born in the time of "Sit by lake".

  More cartoon fun at xkcd a webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language


Book Watch

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Raspberry Pi User Guide, 4th Ed (Wiley)
Friday 30 Sep

Eben Upton, co-creator of the Raspberry Pi, and Gareth Halfacree have updated their "unofficial guide" to the Rapberry Pi. This new fourth edition has been updated to cover the Raspberry Pi 3 board and software with detailed discussion on its wide array of configurations, languages, and applications. You'll learn how to take full advantage of the Pi's full capabilities, and then expand those capabilities even more with add-on technologies.


Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices, and Culture (O'Reilly)
Tuesday 27 Sep

In this practical guide to Microservice Architecture Irakli Nadareishvili and co-authors cover the entire microservices landscape, including the principles, technologies, and methodologies of this modular style of system building. You'll learn about the experiences of organizations around the globe that have successfully adopted microservices.


Liftoff, 2nd Ed (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
Monday 26 Sep

With the subtitle Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies help you to align your team to one purpose: successful delivery.  Readers will learn new insights and techniques for starting projects and teams the right way, with expanded concepts for planning, organizing, and conducting liftoff meetings. Real-life stories illustrate how others have effectively started (or restarted) their teams and projects.


Data Visualization with Python and JavaScript (O'Reilly)
Thursday 22 Sep

Learn how to turn raw data into rich, interactive web visualizations with the powerful combination of Python and JavaScript. With this hands-on guide, Kyran Dale teaches you how build a basic dataviz toolchain with best-of-breed Python and JavaScript libraries, including Scrapy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Flask, and D3, for crafting engaging, browser-based visualizations. 


Cool Scratch Projects (In Easy Steps)
Wednesday 21 Sep

Following on from Scratch Programming in easy steps, Sean McManus gives you great ideas to create computer games and other projects that’ll impress your friends and family – and you’ll have endless fun creating and playing them! The book provides step-by-step instructions for building projects that show off some of the cool things you can do with Scratch.


Modern Web Development (Microsoft Press)
Monday 19 Sep

Dino Esposito takes a pragmatic, problem-driven, user-focused approach to planning, designing, and building dynamic web solutions in this book. He shows how to gain maximum value from Domain-Driven Design (DDD), define optimal supporting architecture, and succeed with modern UX-first design approaches. Esposito guides you through choosing and implementing specific technologies and addresses key user-experience topics, including mobile-friendly and responsive design.


Game Hacking (No Starch Press)
Thursday 15 Sep

The subtitle "Developing Autonomous Bots for Oline Games" reveals what to expect. You don't need to be a wizard to transform a game you like into a game you love. Bring your knowledge of Windows-based development and memory management, and Nick Cano will teach you what you need to become a true game hacker. Learn the basics, like reverse engineering, assembly code analysis, programmatic memory manipulation, and code injection.


Foundations for Analytics with Python (O'Reilly)
Wednesday 14 Sep

This practical guide by Clinton Brownley shows ambitious non-programmers how to automate and scale data processing and analysis of different data formats with Python, using business-relevant examples with complete, easy-to-read code.



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