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MatchStick Firefox OS Streaming Device To Refund Backers
Aug 04 | Ian Elliot
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The MatchStick HDMI stick was a really successful KickStarter with lots of enthusiastic backers. Now, after a short delay, the project is to refund all of the pledged money and all because DRM is too hard. 

Google Improves Beta Testing For Android
Aug 04 | Lucy Black
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Google Play has added new options to its beta testing facilities, making it easier for you to get feedback about the Android apps you are developing.

SQLite Updated
Aug 04 | Kay Ewbank
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There’s a new release of an embedded database that is claimed to be the world’s most widely used. The update brings performance enhancements, bug fixes, and some minor new features.

Android Studio 1.3 Released
Aug 03 | Mike James
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The first preview of Android Studio 1.3 was fairly unusable. Now we have the release version it is time to try it out for real and there are some important new features that you should start to make use of.

F# 4.0 Signals A Culture Change
Aug 03 | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has released Visual F# 4.0 as part of Visual Studio 2015. It is the first major release version of the F# language and VS tools to include community contributions.

MORPHs Roam The Park Looking For Children To Play
Aug 02 | Harry Fairhead
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We have to admit that this particular robot simply tickled our collective funny bone - but could there also be something sinister in this animated climbing frame?

Imagine Cup Winners 2015
Aug 01 | Sue Gee
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Thirty three teams of students spent last week in Seattle for the 2015 Imagine Cup World Finals and now we can reveal that the team who were awarded the coveted trophy is Team eFitFashion of Brazil.

Is Windows 10 Playing Fair - Mozilla Thinks Not
Jul 31 | Janet Swift
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Windows 10 is free if you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1, which makes it very attractive to the huge base of existing Windows users. But now the complaints are beginning to be heard.

July Week 4
Jul 31 | Editor
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Feeling overwhelmed by too much news? If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on  I Programmer to sift through all the news, uncover the most relevant stories and deliver the highlights each week.

JerryScript - Another JavaScript Engine For Embedded Devices
Jul 31 | Harry Fairhead
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JerryScript is a lightweight JavaScript interpreter intended to run on a very constrained devices such as microcontrollers and proclaims itself as "A JavaScript engine for the Internet of Things".

Sneak Peek At DEVintersection Europe
Jul 30 | Kay Ewbank
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The DEVintersection conference covering the intersection of tools, technologies, platforms and solutions will run in Europe for the first time this year, with coverage of technologies including ASP.NET 5, Visual Studio 2015, AngularJS, Azure, and IoT.

Windows 10 SDK And Tools - Almost There!
Jul 30 | Mike James
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If you are a Microsoft programmer the wait for the tools needed to easily create UWAs (Universal Windows 10 Apps) is almost over. Although lower key, the SDK and Tools were launched along with Windows 10.

Windows 10 - The Trojan Horse
Jul 29 | Mike James
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Microsoft has launched Windows 10 and you can see it as not so much an operating system but a Trojan horse designed to get Microsoft into your computing life. 

Buddy Your Social Robot Has An SDK
Jul 29 | Lucy Black
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Buddy is a social robot that is poised to become a valued family member in many home across the globe. Developers are being encouraged to get involved by purchasing the special edition that includes the SDK.

Devpost Reveals Student Hacker Preferences
Jul 29 | Janet Swift
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Devpost is the new name of ChallengePost and has released its first Student Hacker Report which provides some interesting insights into the tools and technologies used in its hackathons.

AI Researchers Call For Ban On Autonomous Weapons
Jul 28 | Mike James
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AI and robotics have been making headline-grabbing progress recently and high profile people have started to worry in public about the future. Now we have over 1000 signatures on a letter urging a ban on autonomous weapons. 

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Book Review Of The Day

Learning Scala
Tuesday 04 Aug

Author: Jason Swartz
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-1449367930
Print: 1449367933
Kindle: B00QW1RQ94
Audience: Developers wanting to learn Scala
Rating: 4.7
Reviewer: Ian Stirk

This book aims to help developers learn the Scala programming language, how does it fare?


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Books for Pythonistas
Sue Gee
article thumbnail

Python is an increasingly important language. As well as being popular for teaching computer science it is popular for scientific applications. It is also a divided language with its community split between Python 2 and Python 3. This selection of books is for those with experience in the language.

Inside Dependency Properties
Alex Armstrong
article thumbnail

Learn how dependency properties really work by creating a custom dependency property

Android Adventures - Beginning Bitmap Graphics
Mike James
article thumbnail

Android graphics is a huge subject, but you have to start somewhere. In this chapter we look a simple 2D bitmap graphics, which is often all you need, and find out what the basic principles of Android graphics are. 


Unhandled Exception!


Click to view bigger version

The question, sorry cartoon, for this week is to work out if this really is recursion or is it simple iteration? If you find this too easy what about the hover over text? Extra credit for explaining Ozymandias and the connection to the first programmer and the first monster.  Join in the debate here.

 More cartoon fun at xkcd a webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language


Book Watch

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Docker: Up & Running (O'Reilly)
Monday 03 Aug

Docker is quickly changing the way that organizations are deploying software at scale. But understanding how Linux containers fit into your workflow—and getting the integration details right—are not trivial tasks. Two Lead Site Reliability Engineers at New Relic, Karl Matthias and Sean P. Kane share what they have learned from using Docker in production to help you reap the benefits of this technology while avoiding the many setbacks they experienced. With their practical help, you’ll learn how to use Docker to package your applications with all of their dependencies, and then test, ship, scale, and support your containers in production.


Groovy in Action 2nd Ed (Manning)
Thursday 30 Jul

Written by core members of the Groovy language team, this book presents Groovy from the inside out. It provides relevant examples, careful explanations of Groovy's key concepts and features, and insightful coverage of how to use Groovy in-production tasks, including building new applications, integration with existing code, and DSL development.  This thoroughly revised second edition has been updated for Groovy 2.4.


Devops: A Software Architect's Perspective (Addison Wesley)
Wednesday 29 Jul

DevOps promises to accelerate the release of new software features and improve monitoring of systems in production, but its crucial implications for software architects and architecture are often ignored. Here three leading architects address these issues head-on and review the decisions software architects must make in order to achieve DevOps’ goals. They also provide the organizational, technical, and operational context needed to deploy DevOps more efficiently, and review DevOps’ impact on each development phase.  


Hadoop Security (O'Reilly)
Monday 27 Jul

As more corporations turn to Hadoop to store and process their most valuable data, the risk of a potential breach of those systems increases exponentially. Authors Ben Spivey and Joey Echeverria provide in-depth information about the security features available in Hadoop, and organize them according to common computer security concepts. With real-world examples thet demonstrate how to protect Hadoop data from unauthorized access and also show how to limit the ability of an attacker to corrupt or modify data in the event of a security breach.


Introduction to Game Development Using Processing (Mercury)
Thursday 23 Jul

Processing is a free, graphics-oriented language that provides the basic functionality needed for building games. It runs on all major platforms and allows games to be built for desktop computers, HTML 5, and Android.  J. R. Parker guides you through the basic game development process, covering game development topics including graphics, sound, artificial intelligence, animation, game engines, Web-based games, etc. The companion DVD contains example code, games, and color figures. 


Cloud Computing Design Patterns (Prentice Hall)
Wednesday 22 Jul

Part of the ServiceTechnolgy Series from Thomas Erl this book presents a catalog of design patterns for modern cloud-based architecture and solution design. More than two years in development, its 100+ patterns illustrate proven solutions to common cloud challenges and requirements and are supported by rich, visual documentation, including 300+ diagrams.


The Art of Scalability 2nd Ed (Addison Wesley)
Monday 20 Jul

With the subtitle "Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise", scalability consultants Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher cover everything you need to know to smoothly scale products and services for any requirement. This extensively revised edition reflects new technologies, strategies, and lessons, as well as new case studies.


Effective Computation in Physics (O'Reilly)
Friday 17 Jul

More physicists today are taking on the role of software developer as part of their research. This practical book teaches essential software development skills to help you automate and accomplish nearly any aspect of research in a physics-based field. Written by two PhDs in nuclear engineering, this book includes practical examples drawn from a working knowledge of physics concepts. You’ll learn how to use the Python programming language to perform everything from collecting and analyzing data to building software and publishing your results.


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