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Sep 20 | Mike James
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Wolfram has invented a very nice publicity stunt. All you have to do is create a program in no more than 140 characters and tweet it to see it run.

September Week 3
Sep 20 | Editor
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Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No worries -  if you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This one covers September 11-17.

Pyston 0.2 Python Compiler
Sep 19 | Alex Denham
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There’s a new release of Pyston, the high-performance Python implementation developed by cloud storage provider Dropbox.

Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Axed
Sep 19 | Sue Gee
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As part of its program of layoffs, Microsoft is closing its Silicon Valley Research Labs with the loss of 50 jobs. The Trustworthy Computing Group is another victim of the cuts.

Microsoft's WinJS - New Cross-Platform Library
Sep 19 | Ian Elliot
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WinJS was Microsoft's JavaScript framework for the creation of "Metro" or WinRT apps. Recently it was open sourced and now, with the release of version 3.0, it has escaped the confines of WinRT to become a multi-platform framework.

Qt’s new home
Sep 18 | Alex Denham
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Digia has announced the name of the new company that will be the home of the Qt cross- application framework.

Imagine Cup 2015 Kicks Off With Code Hunt
Sep 18 | Sue Gee
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The Imagine Cup 2015 season is officially underway and the first of a series of new online coding contests takes place on September 20th.

Mathematica Online Launched
Sep 18 | Mike James
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Wolfram has just launched Mathematica Online and it provides an easy way to do difficult math.

Mozilla Labs Closed And Nobody Noticed
Sep 17 | Ian Elliot
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A blog post by Ian Bickling conveyed the news that mozilla Labs has closed. A big and disturbing event for web development. But this happened months ago and this is the first we had heard about it.

CLion – IDE for C/C++
Sep 17 | Kay Ewbank
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JetBrains has made its new intelligent cross platform IDE for C and C++ available through its Early Access Program.

TODO - A New Group To Tell Open Source Programmers
Sep 17 | Mike James
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A new group, which currently includes big hitters like Facebook, Google, Twitter and GitHub, aims to tell open sourcers how to do it better.

New Downloads For Raspberry Pi
Sep 16 | Harry Fairhead
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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced new releases of its OS Raspbian and the installer software that helps users to get started, NOOBS.

Robot Cheetah Runs Free
Sep 16 | Harry Fairhead
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This may not be the robot cat you were wishing for, but it is impressive and the stuff nightmares could be populated by.

NetBeans IDE 8.0.1
Sep 16 | Alex Armstrong
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The NetBeans Team has released an updated to NetBeans 8.0, with enhancements to features relating to HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

Twitter Mobile Developer Conference
Sep 15 | Alex Armstrong
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Twitter as scheduled its first annual mobile developer conference. Called Twitter Flight, the event takes place in San Francisco and the cost per delegate is just $140.

Intel's New Edison Is As Small As A Postage Stamp
Sep 15 | Harry Fairhead
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It is difficult not to see the Edison and think "Arduino killer" and perhaps for some applications "Raspberry Pi killer". In fact it has a place in the low cost tiny system ecology all of its own.

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Big Data Analytics
Friday 19 Sep

Authors: David Loshin
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-0124173194
Aimed at: Managers who need to understand big data technology
Rating: 4
Reviewed by: Kay Ewbank

This is a short book that aims to describe what big data is, what the problems are, how to work out what is actually needed in big data technologies in a business, and to then develop a strategic plan. Does it deliver?


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Windows Server 2012 R2 Inside Out: Configuration, Storage & Essentials (Microsoft Press)
Friday 19 Sep

William R. Stanek comprehensive, full-size, reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds for Windows Server 2012 R2. This volume focuses on configuration, storage, and essential administrative tasks while a companion 900-page volume covers services, security and infrastructure.



Java 8 Lambdas (O'Reilly)
Thursday 18 Sep

If you’re a developer with core Java SE skills, this slim hands-on book takes you through the language changes in Java 8 triggered by the addition of lambda expressions. You’ll learn through code examples, exercises, and fluid explanations how these anonymous functions will help you write simple, clean, library-level code that solves business problems.


Programming the Windows Runtime by Example (Addison-Wesley)
Wednesday 17 Sep

In this guide to WinRT Jeremy Likness and John Garland present easy-to-adapt C# and XAML example code for more than 80 projects. Their real-world application examples help you apply Windows 8.1’s best improvements, including large tiles, the new search control, flyouts, command bars, native WinRT networking, and new deployment and sideloading options.


SharePoint 2013 Field Guide (Sams)
Tuesday 16 Sep

Consultant Errin O’Connor and the team from EPC Group bring together best practices from hundreds of successful SharePoint and Office 365 engagements to guide you through deployments of every type, including the latest considerations around private, public, and hybrid cloud implementations, from ECM to business intelligence as well as custom development and identity management.<ASIN:0789751194>

Creating Apps in Kivy (O'Reilly)
Monday 15 Sep

Build mobile apps efficiently with Kivy, the Python-powered graphical toolkit for creating natural user interfaces with elegant multitouch support. With this hands-on guide from Dusty Phillips, you’ll learn step-by-step how to build and deploy a complete Kivy app for iOS and Android devices. If you’re just beginning to work with Python, but are reasonably familiar with its syntax, you’re ready to go. Each chapter includes exercises using Python 3 and 2.7.


Exploring LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (Wiley)
Friday 12 Sep

With the subtitle "Tools and Techniques for Building and Programming Robots" this guide to getting the most out of your LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is for hobbyists, young builders, and master builders alike. Eun Jung Park walks you through fundamentals of robot design, construction, and programming using the Mindstorms apparatus and LEGO TECHNIC parts with plans and blueprints provided on the companion website.


Microsoft Azure SQL Database Step by Step (Microsoft Press)
Thursday 11 Sep

If you have previous programming experience but are new to Azure, this tutorial by Leonard G. Lobel and Eric D. Boyd has step-by-step guidance and coding exercises to help you master core topics and techniques. Cover design and security, scalability and high performance and helps you use programming and reporting services, migrate data, backup and sync data.


More OCaml: Algorithms, Methods, and Diversions (Coherent)
Wednesday 10 Sep

John Whitington takes a meandering tour of functional programming with OCaml, introducing various language features and describing some classic algorithms. The book ends with a large worked example dealing with the production of PDF files. There are questions for each chapter together with worked answers and hints. See review by Mike James of OCaml from the Very Beginning by the same author.



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