Become A Web Developer With Udacity
Become A Web Developer With Udacity
Written by Sue Gee   
Wednesday, 01 October 2014

Last week Udacity opened its classroom doors on Front-End Web Developer, its first nanodegree. This credential, which is estimated to take six to nine months to complete at a cost of $200 per month, is designed with "job-readiness" in mind.



As we reported Udacity Offers Nanodegrees when Udacity first announced nanodegrees they are designed to prepare you for a specific job and are being built with industry partners including hiring managers.


Now that the first nanodegree is underway there's more information about how this new type of credential is different. The obvious distinction is that it is project-based. To gain the Front-End Web Developer nanodegree, which is co-developed with AT&T, a student will complete the following five projects, each of which is associated with a Udacity course that provides the necessary preparation to complete it:


Project Title Preparatory Class

Portfolio Mockup to HTML

 Intro to HTML and CSS
Interactive Resume  JavaScript Basics
Classic Arcade Game Clone Object-Oriented JavaScript

Website Optimization

Website Performance Optimization

Neighborhood Map

JavaScript Design Patterns


As all projects are hosted on GitHub students are also advised to complete the 3-week course How to Use Git and GitHub.

Throughout a nanodegree students will be supervised by a Coach who will provide personalized guidance and set deadlines to be met. You only need take the courses required to complete projects and the projects themselves are designed to show off marketable skills. 


If this news tempts you to join in you'll have to be patient. This first session, which accepted students by invitation only, is full to capacity and you can only sign up to be notified when more places become available. And if you are interested in the other nanodegrees that are coming soon - Back-End Web Developer, iOS Developer, Data Analyst sign up now to have a chance to gain a place. 



More Information

Udacity Nanodegrees

Front-End Web Developer

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