Lollipop Enters Android Statistics
Lollipop Enters Android Statistics
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Thursday, 05 February 2015

It is almost four  months since Lollipop was launched. So you might expect it to have a noticeable market share by now. This is not the case.


As the latest chart of Android versions shows, as of the beginning of February Lollipop has just a 1.6% share.


Looking at the other versions KitKat, which had a share of 30.2% at the end of 2014, has put on almost 10% since then, which is a sizable increase. All other versions have shrunk a bit and Lollipop has been added to the table for the first time.


  Data collected during a 7-day period ending on February 2, 2015. 
  Any versions with less than 0.1% distribution are not shown.


Android watchers had been surprised not to see Lollipop appear in the weekly report on Android Developer before now.

Even though new Android versions usually make a slow start - for example we reported KitKat on Fewer Than 2 Percent Of Androids a year ago, this idea that Lollipop was on fewer than 0.1% was almost unthinkable. 

Or was it?  

As Mike James pointed out at the end of 2014:

This new flat version of the OS - New Android L Goes Flat - didn't quite go according to plan because it was buggy. At the end of the year very few people were actually using Android L and a full rollout probably won't happen until early in 2015. 

The roll out did begin last month - but having updated one of my Android tablets I'm not going to update any more of my Androids on the grounds that Lollipop makes them noticebly slower and less responsive. A decimal point update to Lollipop is being rolled out in some regions - let's hope that it has added some speed.




Even though Lollipop may not be an immediate success, Android as a whole is in a strong position, According to research firm Strategy Analytics:

Globally, the shipping of mobile phones has passed the one billion mark for annual shipments with 1. 28 billion devices in total passion from OEMs to retailers and carries for sale, in which, Android smartphones have continued to dominate, accounting for more than one billion handsets.


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