Game of Codes Competitions - UPDATE
Game of Codes Competitions - UPDATE
Written by Lucy Black   
Friday, 22 September 2017

A "Game of Codes" online competition with $20K in prizes is underway, ending on September 24. There is still plenty of opportunity to win a $50 gift card and the number of points required to win one of 500 tee-shirts has been reduced to 5.



The competition comes from Vivint SmartHome which describes itself as the largest tech employer in Utah and is hoping to identify some new recruits through this contest, mentioning:

Some of our teams are even remote friendly!

If you are not interested in joining Vivint you can enter the contest for fun and for the chance of winning a prize. The eligible submissions for each problem each day will receive a $50 gift card. There are 13 problems, and the event will run 7 days. This means there are 91 gift card opportunities. Given there's a limit of one gift card per person all the front runners have already been awarded on and, by mid-way through the contest there are still plenty on offer.

The other incentive to try multiple problems is that tee-shirts will be awarded while supplies last. The number of points required for one of these has been reduced to 5 so as each of the problems is worth 2, 3 or 4 points you only need to solve two of three of  them depending on whether you want to include the easier problems at the top of the list or the harder ones at the end.

As well as the leaderboard for each problem, there's an overall leaderboard and at the end of the competition three cash prizes will be awarded:

1st place - $8,192

2nd place - $2,048

3rd place - $1,024




As you might already have guessed from the names of some of the problem titles, there's a theme running through the scenarios of the problems participants have to solve. In terms of coding skills there's a mix of  backend and frontend development and programming is supported in Go, Python, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Objective C, C#, Javascript and PHP. Data science, machine learning, video processing, mobile, web, Linux, cryptography, distributed system design, monitoring, telemetry, operations are among the topics. 

As well as registering with an email address on the contest website and choosing a 3-character name that will appear on the leaderboard you'll need a GitHub account to participate and will also need to have added an SSH key to your Github profile. For each problem you'll be given a personalized link to a Git repo and once you have written a program to solve the problem you push your source code to the Git repo the problem's test cases are run against it and the time your solution takes to solve the problem is measured. You can do this repeatedly and your best time will be used.

The test environment is Debian in a restricted jail and a collection of "hello world" sample applications that work in it (but don't actually solve any problem) have been provided to help you become familiar with it. There's also a Slack group where you can get help.


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Game of Codes

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