Gogland Go IDE
Gogland Go IDE
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 17 January 2017

 JetBrains has announced a commercial IDE that extends the IntelliJ platform with the coding assistance and tool integrations for the Go language.

Codenamed Gogland, the new IDE is in a private early access program (EAP) that developers can join. JetBrains has rebuilt the go-lang-idea-plugin, the open-source initiative, from the ground up to provide:

"a more stable, extensible and feature-rich development experience".

according to a post on the JetBrains blog. The fact there are now 30K monthly active users was enough to convince JetBrains to fork the plugin and introduce their own IDE for Go. The result is Gogland.

Gogland uses code analysis to provide code completion, quick navigation, error analysis, formatting, and refactorings. Tools available for the IDE include a rest-runner, coverage tool, debugger and version control integration.

go overview

The following features are available in Gogland but not in go-lang-idea-plugin:


  • Navigation
  • Go to inheritor structures
  • Go to super interfaces
  • Type-aware completion (aka Smart completion)
  • Extract function refactoring
  • Implement type
  • Inspections and quick-fixes
  • Introduce method
  • Introduce field
  • Delete unused parameter
  • Show symbol duplicates
  • Add/delete missing/redundant expressions in case of assignment count mismatch
  • Properly implemented Duplicated symbols inspection
  • Recursive type detection
  • Invalid const initialization
  • Tests and coverage
  • Sub-tests support (runner, navigation, gutter actions)
  • Debugger
  • Debugger
  • Step out
  • 100x faster performance
  • General
  • Highlighting of go:generate comments
  • Quick documentation for struct fields
  • Semantic highlighting
  • Parameter name hints
  • SQL auto-injection


The plugin is only planned for IntellIJ IDEA Ultimate and other paid IDEs, so won't be available in the free-to-use versions of IntelliJ. JetBrains says the pricing will be similar to similar to PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, DataGrip, and AppCode.


More Information

Gogland Site

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