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Artificial Intelligence
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1 Wolfram 11.2 Improves Image Processing
2 Facebook's New AI Lab In Montreal
3 Geoffrey Hinton Says AI Needs To Start Over
4 AI Learns To Program Super Mario Bros
5 ONNX For AI Model Interoperability
6 New MIT–IBM Watson AI Lab
7 Earthquake Prediction Using Machine Learning
8 Transcription On Par With Human Accuracy
9 You Only Look Once - Fast Object Detection
10 Microsoft Develops Tool To Repair Code
11 OpenAI Bot Triumphant Playing Dota 2
12 DeepLoco Learns Not Only To Walk But To Kick A Ball
13 Real World Adversarial Images
14 DeepCoder Learns To Write Programs
15 Audio Super Resolution
16 Google Discovers That Neural Networks Just Need More Data
17 AI Applied To Cookies
18 Mozilla Wants Your Voice
19 Learning To Walk
20 Deep Mind's NoisyNet Suggests Random Is Good
21 DIY AI To Sort 2 Metric Tons Of Lego
22 Google Releases Object Detector Nets For Mobile
23 iNaturalist Launches Deep Learning-Based Identification App
24 More Machine Learning Applied to Google Sheets
25 Front-End Developers Your Day Is Done - AI Can Do Your Job
26 Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Version 2.0
27 We May Have Lost At Go, But We Still Stack Stones Better
28 The Shape Of Classification Space Is Mostly Flat
29 AlphaGo Triumphs In China
30 AlphGo Defeats World's Top Ranking Go Player - UPDATE
31 Why Deep Networks Are Better
32 Google Assistant Prepares For Dominance
33 Microsoft Expands Cognitive Services APIs
34 Style Transfer Applied To Cooking - The Case Of The French Sukiyaki
35 Cortana Skills Kit Now In Developer Preview
36 Amazon Echo Show - Voice Done Right
37 Self Driving Cars Can Be Easily Made To Not See Pedestrians
38 Forget The Turing Test It's The MacGyver Test That Matters
39 Amazon Lets Us All Use Lex To Build A Bot
40 Google Uses AI To Make Better Artists
41 Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs Released
42 Microsoft R Server 9.1 Adds ML Enhancements
43 Investigating Bias In AI Language Learning
44 AI Poker Player Lengpudashi Sweeps The Board
45 AlphaGo To Play World Number One Go Player
46 Evolution Is Better Than Backprop?
47 The Malmo Challenge - Collaborative AI
48 A Single Perturbation Can Fool Deep Learning
49 Machine Learning Superstar Andrew Ng Moving On
50 Detecting When A Neural Network Is Being Fooled
51 AI Security At Online Conference: An Interview With Ian Goodfellow
52 Chatbots Explored
53 Join The Fruit Fly Brain Hackathon
54 Find Your 2000-Year-Old Double With Face Recognition
55 Microsoft Open Sources Drone Simulator
56 TensorFlow Reaches Version 1
57 Amazon Rekognition Can Now Estimate Your Age
58 AI Beats Top Poker Players
59 AI With The Best Online
60 AI Prevails Against Human Poker Champions
61 Big Increase in AI, Cognitive and Cloud Computing Patents in 2016
62 AlphaGo Revealed As Mystery Player On Winning Streak
63 Malmo AI Available On Github
64 Microsoft Personal Translator Available
65 OpenAI Universe - New Way of Training AIs
66 IBM Watson and Project Intu for Embodied Cognition
67 Amazon Go - The Shop Where You Take What You Want & AI Does The Bill
68 Amazon AI Services
69 //No Comment - Should I use TensorFlow, AI Real Estate & Lip Reading
70 IBM Watson and Education in the Cognitive Era
71 Play Google's AI Drawing Guessing Game
72 Google Expands AI Research In Montreal
73 Neural Networks Applied To Machine Translation
74 Open AI And Microsoft Exciting Times For AI
75 Deep Mind and StarCraft II For Reinforcement Learning
76 Facebook's Yann LeCun On Everything AI
77 Neural Networks Have A Universal Flaw
78 Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Version 2.0 Beta
79 Artificial Intelligence Engineer Nanodegree From Udacity
80 $200 Million Investment In IBM Watson IoT
81 DeepMind's Differentiable Neural Network Thinks Deeply
82 //No Comment - Quantized Neural Networks,Generating Faces & cleverhans v0.1
83 New Microsoft AI and Research Group
84 Formation of Partnership On AI
85 //No Comment - Fighting Bots,Open Source Image Captioning & An Open Source Deep Face Recognition SDK
86 Salesforce Launches AI Einstein
87 //No Comment - Speech Recognition Milestone, Stealing ML Models & Better TensorFlow
88 Google's DeepMind Perfects Speech - But There Is More
89 Lucida For Personal Artificial Intelligence
90 C# SDK For Language Understanding Intelligent Service
91 Artificial Intelligence in Pokémons' Service
92 Neural Networks - A Better Speller?
93 AI Linux
94 No Winners In First Winograd Schema Contest
95 Race A YetiBorg In Formula Pi
96 Machine Learning For Flower Recognition
97 DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge AI Will Prevail
98 A Flaw In Turing's Test? No A Flaw In Academia
99 Read Andrew Ng's New AI Book As He Writes It!
100 Neural Networks for Storytelling
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