Oracle Proposes OpenJDK Mobile Java
Oracle Proposes OpenJDK Mobile Java
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 06 October 2015

Oracle has proposed a new OpenJDK project that will port OpenJDK for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.


The proposal was made in the OpenJDK mailing list by Bob Vandette, Consulting Engineer at Oracle and committer on the JDK project, who has worked on Java for over 15 years, focusing on Java SE Embedded and mobile platforms for the last 9 years. He suggests the creation of the Mobile Project with himself as the initial Project Lead and the Porters Group as the sponsor.

The Mobile Project will focus on porting the JDK to popular mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Oracle plans on contributing build system, Hotspot and JDK source changes required to target mobile platforms including the ability to produce static Java runtimes and modifications to the Zero interpreter required for iOS ARM devices.

The initial reviewers for the project will include all the current reviewers in the JDK 9 project along with Gary Adams and Bertrand Delsart, both of Oracle, both of whom, according to Vandette, have “contributed significantly to Oracle's embedded Java products”.

On the OpenJDK General Discussions, Vandette outlines Oracle's expected contributions to the project as follows:

  1. JDK 9 based port (Headless)

  2.  Support at minimum the equivalent of compact2 profile (but in module form)

  3.  iOS x64 and arm64 (arm64 will be provided via Zero interpreter)

  4.  Android x86 and arm (both 32-bit with JIT enabled)

  5. Windows 10 x64 Surface Pro (No Windows Phone ARM support)

  6.  JavaLauncher helper interface to simplify the process of including Java in Mobile applications

  7.  Sample HelloWorld applications and/or project templates for each platform


Vandette says that Oracle currently has this list of technologies working in JDK 8u60 and that it is in the process of forward porting this work to JDK 9. If the project is approved, he will put together a Project Wiki page with more detailed information.

Voting on the proposal is currently taking place with a deadline of October 12th, and so far the votes have been in favor of the new project.

Could this bring an open source "proper" Java to Android? 


More Information

New Project: Mobile: JDK Ports to Modern Mobile Platforms


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