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Book Watch Archive
Murach's C# 2012 (Murach Books)
Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5th Edition is a self-paced, professional book that shows how to use Visual Studio 2012, C# 5.0, and the .NET 4.5 classes to develop Windows Forms applications. It's an object-oriented book that shows how to use business classes, inheritance, and interfaces the way they are used in the real world and a data programming book that shows how to prototype professional database applications using RAD features.



The Java Tutorial (Addison-Wesley)
Tuesday, 09 July 2013

This "5th edition of "A Short Course on the Basics" introduces new features added in Java 7, including a section on NIO.2, the new file I/O API, and information on migrating legacy code to the new API. Deployment coverage has also been expanded and a section on the fork/join feature has been added to the chapter on concurrency.


Visual Complex Functions (Birkhauser Science)
Monday, 08 July 2013

Provides a systematic introduction to functions of one complex variable. Its novel feature is the consistent use of special color representations – so-called phase portraits – which visualize functions as images on their domains. The text is self-contained and covers all the main topics usually treated in a first course on complex analysis.


Arduino in Action (Manning)
Friday, 05 July 2013

a hands-on guide to prototyping and building electronics using the Arduino platform. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users, this easy-to-follow book begins with the basics and then systematically guides you through projects ranging from your first blinking LED through connecting Arduino to devices like game controllers or your iPhone.


Expert C# 5.0: With The .NET 4.5 Framework (Apress)
Thursday, 04 July 2013

This is a book about getting the best from C# based on the principle that to write high-performance, robust applications you need to understand whats going on deep under the hood. It discusses the familiar C# language in forensic detail, examining familiar elements closely to reveal how they really work.



Mobile Strategy: How Your Company Can Win by Embracing Mobile Technologies (IBM Press)
Wednesday, 03 July 2013

Explains key trends and issues across the entire mobile project lifecycle with insights critical to evaluating mobile technologies, supporting BYOD, and integrating mobile, cloud, social, and big data and best practices based on real-world case studies.


Drupal 7 Explained (Addison Wesley)
Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Master Drupal one easy step at a time, through a complete, real-world sample project. You’ll find crystal-clear visuals, simple explanations, perfect analogies - all extensively tested with real Drupal beginners. Includes planning a site that will be easy to build and manage, an easy 3-step workflow for creating new content and intuitive site structures and user navigation.


Excel Building Data Models with PowerPivot (Microsoft Press)
Monday, 01 July 2013

Transform your skills, data, and business and create your own BI solutions using Microsoft Excel. Explore PowerPivot functionality for Excel 2013, with a focus on real world scenarios, problem-solving, and data modeling. You'll learn how to quickly turn mass quantities of data into meaningful information and on-the-job results.



Pro Android Web Game Apps (Apress)
Friday, 28 June 2013

Hands-on guide to the theory and practice of browser game development for the Android platform. Use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to make game engines in your browser, establish real-time server communication, and create amazing gaming experiences with artificial intelligence and rich media.


Nagios: Building Enterprise-Grade Monitoring Infrastructures for Systems and Networks (Prentice Hall)
Thursday, 27 June 2013

Guide to building cost-effective, enterprise-strength monitoring infrastructures with the latest commercial and open source versions of Nagios. Covers the entire monitoring software stack, treating Nagios as a specification language and foundation for building well designed monitoring systems that can scale to serve any organization.



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