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Android Adventures - Getting Started With Android Studio 2
Mike James
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Google's Android Studio, recently released at Version 2, makes creating native Android apps very easy. You can get started in a few minutes and by the end of this chapter have your first working Android application. 

How To Create A Viral Mobile Game
Nikos Vaggalis
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Don't we all dream of a hit game? The reality is all too often different, but it can be done. Here we find out how from Eugeny Butakov, creator of the successful mobile game, Psebay. 

Getting Started With C/C++ On The Micro:bit
Harry Fairhead
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Anyone who wants to use the BBC micro:bit to its full potential as an IoT device needs to look outside the coding environments provided by its own website. As an mbed device, however, the micro:bit  is capable of being programmed in C/C++. Here we look at how to use the mbed online compiler for a simple demo program.

With the Rise of DevOps, Perl Shows Its Muscle
Tom Radcliffe
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Perl is seeing a real revival in interest.  Why? Because Perl is a fantastic DevOps tool. With the rise of DevOps, Perl has once again solidified its long held reputation as the duct tape of the Internet.

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