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There's an Arduino for that!
Harry Fairhead
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The Arduino is an ideal way to delve into the realm of embedded programming - or the Internet of Things. Here's a fun introduction to the basics that will get you started without fear of creating any burning electronic components.

Mojolicious In Conversation With Sebastian Riedel
Nikos Vaggalis
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Our journey into the world of Perl's Web frameworks would not be complete without Mojolicious. So Nikos Vaggalis talked to Sebastian Riedel, Mojolicious mastermind and the original founder of Catalyst.

Database The Prolog Way
Mike James
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Prolog - is it just a blast from the past only of interest to AI and strange language enthusiasts? Or could it just be the ultimate NoSQL database capable of things that are difficult to do without it. In this article we write a remarkably short Prolog program that can route find on London's Tube network.

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