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Towers Of Hanoi Mutants
Joe Celko
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Towers of Hanoi is a classic puzzle and is often used to illustrate the idea of recursion. Here you are challenged to find solutions to some variations, after first explaining the original version.

jQuery UI and Auto-Complete Address Entry
Ian Elliot
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jQuery UI has a little-known feature that makes interactive auto-complete very easy. In this hands-on tutorial we put it together with the cloud-based Global Express Entry address auto-complete service from Melissa Data to smooth over one of the biggest problems in getting users to sign up.

Mike James
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Recursion is often said to separate real programmers from the pack. What is it that makes it so powerful? What is it that makes it so difficult? What is the "shape" of recursion as a flow of control?

A Programmer's Guide To R - The Vector
Mike James
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R is a language targeted at statistics, but it has an interesting way of working with data. In this introduction to R we take a programmer's point of view and celebrate that fact that R is based on Lisp. First we need to get started with the most basic of R data types - the vector.

The Web - The Early Years
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A time before the World Wide Web? Yes, there was one. In fact the Web is quite young, dating from 1991 when Tim Berners-Lee, then based at CERN, invented it and launched the first ever web site. 

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