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Multicast delegates and events
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Multicast delegates are useful in their own right but they also form the basis on which the C# event system is built. We take a close look at how they work and how to use them. For example, did you know you could add and subtract delegates?

Exploring Edison - SPI AtoD with the SPI Bus
Harry Fairhead
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The SPI bus can be difficult to make work at first, but once you know what to look for about how the slave claims to work it gets easier. To demonstrate how its done let's add eight channels of 12-bit AtoD using the MCP3008.

jQuery 3 - Understanding jQuery
Ian Elliot
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jQuery - you can't help hearing about it, but it can seem a bit mysterious. jQuery experts seem to just write compact impenetrable code and even seeing what it is supposed to be doing can be tough. This first chapter of our book on jQuery 3 sets up the foundation for understanding how to use jQuery and how it works.

Getting Started With C Using NetBeans
Mike James
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C is still, after all these years, a good language to learn. It is simple and close to the machine hardware and this makes it a good first language. The only problem is getting started, which this article makes easy.

Modern Java - Writing Code
Ian Elliot
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Using ifs and loops is one of the most difficult parts of learning how to program. Our beginners introduction to Java reaches the part all programmers have to know and know well - how to write code.

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