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Exploring Edison - I2C Bus
Harry Fairhead
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The I2C bus is one of the most useful ways of connecting moderately sophisticated sensors and peripherals to the Edison. The only problem is that it can seem like a nightmare confusion of hardware, low level interaction and high level software. There are few general introductions to the subject because at first sight every I2C device is different, but here we present one.

Deep C# - Passing Parameters
Mike James
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Passing parameters is easy as it always works in the same way, but the effects aren't always the same. It can be confusing and even error prone unless you understand how it all works. So does C# pass by value or reference?

Animated iOS User Interfaces
Denys Telezhkin
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A walkthrough of building and animating schematic designs for iOS user interfaces using a framework that allows a simple yet powerful way of drawing and changing shapes.

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