The legends of the computing industry made huge technological advances often against the odds. Some names you will know from current news - Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Alan Sugar - but computer history started much earlier and there are many pioneers you should know about.
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1 Herman Hollerith and the Punch Card
2 Howard Aiken and the Harvard Mark I
3 Ivan Sutherland - Father of Graphics
4 Jay Forrester and Whirlwind
5 John Backus - the Father of Fortran
6 John Von Neumann The Great Polymath
7 John Warnock - Father of PostScript
8 Kemeny & Kurtz - The Invention Of BASIC
9 Konrad Zuse And The First Working Computer
10 Marvin Minsky
11 Maurice Wilkes and EDSAC
12 Mitch Kapor and Lotus 1-2-3
13 Nolan Bushnell and Atari
14 Ritchie & Thompson
15 Robert Metcalfe
16 Seymour Cray
17 Steve Jobs and the Early Apple Years
18 Steve Wozniak
19 Super Mario - Nintendo Goes Forward
20 Thomas J Watson Jr and the IBM 360 Fifty Years On
21 Thomas J Watson Sr, Father of IBM
22 Vannevar Bush - The Man Who Didn't Invent The Computer
23 William Shockley and solid state electronics
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