The Recruitment Dilemma
The Recruitment Dilemma
Written by Sue Gee   
Sunday, 01 January 2017

New Year, new projects and a time of flux. Have you ever calculated the cost of losing a senior developer and needing a replacement? Specialist recruitment agency Devskiller has, and this infographic presents its analysis. 



Source: Devskiller

A detailed analysis of the data is provided in a blog post by Devskiller's co-founder Tomasz Winter. His initial premise is that hiring needs to be as fast as possible, writing:

The longer your position is unfilled, the more money you lose. It’s gotten trickier as the result of a shortage of qualified programmers. An unfilled position can cost you upwards of $500 a day. 

He goes on to present a Cost-per-hire indicator by summing all the coust of sourcing candidates, reviwing applications, the pre-interview and interview phases. Finally costs associated with the "onboarding" process. i.e. the need to train and manage a new hire plus those for covering the vacancy using temporary staff are added in. The bottom line per hire works out at over $20K using in-house recruitment and over $30K if you use the services of an agency.

In fact Devskiller offers an alternative - and presumably better and cheaper - way to hire programmers than either of these approaches, but it's not mentioned in the blog post.

Devskiller has devised a way to test the skills that programmers will use when working for a company - not just the languages required but also their associated frameworks and libraries and lets you trial its services with up to 15 candidates for 14 days for free.

So if the New Year finds you wanting to expand your team, look into Devskiller as part of your preliminary process. 




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True cost of recruiting a developer [Infographic]

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