ActivePython Adds Packages For Data Science And Web Development
ActivePython Adds Packages For Data Science And Web Development
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 10 April 2017

There's a new version of ActivePython, the commercial Python distribution from ActiveState.  The new release adds Python packages for data science and web application development.

ActivePython is a popular Python distribution that combines Python, and third party packages in a distribution that is easy to implement and provides cross-platform compatibility with Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS X. The distribution includes 200 third-party packages from the most popular Python packages for data science, web application development, security, testing, and development.

The new release also includes a cryptography library that comes with recipes for many security requirements around application development. 

ActiveState said in a statement:

"In this release, data science packages such as pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and big data connectivity are pre-bundled. The inclusion of these packages makes it easy for data scientists to prepare, analyze and visualize their data. In addition, ActiveState has also added the most popular web frameworks such as Django, flask and tornado, along with the popular AWS SDK for cloud applications."

Pandas can be used for data analysis, while NumPy provides support for multi-dimensional arrays. SciPy is a collection of algorithms to use with numpy, while Matplotlib provides data visualization facilities. Other packages included in the data analysis area include hdf5 for storing and manipulating data;scikit-learn for machine learning; PyTables for managing hdf5 datasets; the hdfs3 C/C++ wrapper for Hadoop; thepymongo MongoDB driver; SQLAlchemy, a Python SQL Toolkit; the redis access libraries; and the pyMySQL MySQL connector.


Jeff Rouse Director of Product Management at ActiveState, described this release as:

"our biggest ActivePython release ever".

Looking to the future, he says for future versions:

"There are some really great advances in machine learning that we want to include as well as offering more in the visualization space. On top of that, we will also bundle more web frameworks, database connectors, and web services packages". 



More Information

ActivePython Site

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