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121 Future of Gamification
122 Google Now Searches JavaScript
123 Google Data Center Security
124 Google Search Goes Semantic - The Knowledge Graph
125 I Programmer's Alexa Toolbar
126 Online Ad Spend
127 404, the story of a page not found
128 CISPA - Biggest Danger Since SOPA/ACTA
129 More Spring Cleaning from Google
130 Microsoft Plans to Charge For Bing Search API
131 Google Insists On Google Wallet
132 Code of Conduct for Mobile Apps
133 Google Body Revitalized as Zygote Body
134 Social Game Players Sue Google
135 ACTA Activists Organize Street Protests
136 ACTA Protest Mounts
137 Value of the Web - a Google Portal
138 SOPA and PIPA Shelved But Is ACTA Unstoppable?
139 More Casualties of Google's Clearout
140 How to Read Wikipedia Through the Blackout
141 Anti SOPA - How To Black Out
142 SOPA Shelved - But What About Protect IP
143 Web Blackout As SOPA Protest
144 Page Size Matters
145 Page Speed - for a Better Page Rank
146 Internet as Pastime
147 How Google Made Linking Irrelevant
148 Microsoft Tag adds QR and NCF
149 Focus on Google Search
150 Google's Clearout Sweeps Away Code Search
151 October's Joomla Magazine
152 QRPedia - simple but effective
153 Google Body lives on
154 Google wants to know what developers think of it
155 September's Joomla Community Magazine
156 Google Continues Mass Clearout
157 New metric gives fuller picture of internet access
158 How does Google search?
159 Google Translate revived - but as a paid-for API
160 Crowd-sourced science
161 QR codes gaining acceptance
162 Joomla Magazine looks forward to 2.5
163 CV Dazzle - how to hide from face recognition
164 Upgrade your browser - the more intelligent option
165 Winning spelling algorithm
166 Joomla! Magazine celebrates first year
167 Google bid what for Nortel patents!
168 Office 365 - but nothing for the developer
169 Google retires PowerMeter and Health
170 Twitter as realtime sports reporter
171 SkyDrive drops Silverlight
172 Sync your mobile by taking a photo!
173 Fitbot lets you try clothes before you buy!
174 Happy IPv6 - too little and so what!
175 Google Translate API rescued - but at a price!
176 Google Wallet - developer unfriendly
177 Control a human for a virtual tour
178 Google's Puzzle-a-Day
179 Google Translate API to close
180 Can my browser speak to your browser?
181 Google Analytics measures load speed
182 Google Translate adds voice input
183 Google Earth to include Google Deep Sea
184 Accurate geolocation using IP address
185 Guardian moves on from Java and Oracle
186 QR codes dead?
187 Google Talk Guru
188 Page Speed for Chrome
189 Twitter - 5 years old and looking to the future
190 Citation map shows top science cities
191 Google makes web pages faster with a simple tweak
192 Google's post-earthquake mapping and imagery
193 Twitter tells developers: stop building apps!
194 Mozilla Web Apps - take the web page out of the app
195 Trends in Social Media Marketing
196 W3C says HTML5 finished in 2014!
197 Bing more accurate than Google
198 Julia meets HTML5
199 Google APIs as the periodic table
200 Add an expiry date to web images
201 No more version numbers for HTML
202 W3C HTML5 logo
203 Two-thirds of Internet users have paid for content
204 Track Santa with NORAD
205 Microsoft HTML5 test site does Christmas
206 $30,000 for a better spell checker
207 Wave is far from dead
208 The tools of protest - WikiLeaks and Anonymous
209 Google eBookstore live in the U.S
210 Google Editions to launch soon
211 Joomla! Magazine wants volunteers and Haiku
212 Faster websites for free - thanks Google!
213 MathML3 - Maths for the Web
214 Open Web App Store in Preview
215 Mark Zuckerberg comments on Facebook movie
216 Fast running out of IPv4 addresses
217 Google Analytics adds new view
218 October Joomla Magazine available
219 Google introduces WebP, a new web image format
220 Web 2.0 costs firms $1.1 billion in losses
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