Firefox 22 Released and 23 in Beta
Firefox 22 Released and 23 in Beta
Written by Ian Elliot   
Friday, 28 June 2013

Full WebRTC support and improved JavaScript performance amount to significant enhancements in Firefox 22. Firefox 23 will introduce a share button, additional security, a network monitor and a less shiny new logo.

As we reported when Firefox 22 was first released in beta in May, the big news for this version is either WebRTC or asm.js depending on your particular interests.

Now that this version has been released, the Mozilla blog notes that it enables Web applications to support video calls, voice calls and file sharing without the need to install additional software or use third-party plugins, thanks to WebRTC and that asm.js  delivers 3D gaming and photo processing directly on the web.

When it comes to Firefox 23, which now moves into beta, our prediction that the new features would be mostly developer tools is vindicated in that there is plenty to make it worth downloading.

The biggest addition is a new Share button and panel for the Social API that was first introduced in Firefox 17. The new feature enables developers to let users share content with friends in one click and will mean that Facebook users can share content such as links, videos or I Programmer articles directly from the Firefox toolbar.

To increase security Firefox 23 introduces the Mixed Content Blocker which protects the integrity of secure (HTTPS) websites by blocking nonsecure (HTTP) content from loading and hence prevents attackers from being able to read or modify the secure page.

It also has a Network Monitor tool that breaks down individual website components, highlighting how long it takes for the components to load to help developers pinpoint problems.

Mozilla has also redesigned the Firefox logo. According to the blog:

"The new logo has a modern feel and has been created specifically with mobile in mind – optimized to be crisper and cleaner on small screens and lower resolution devices."

Just in case you can't immediately spot how it differs from the previous version here's the key:



Other changes to the desktop version of Firefox 23 that are flagged "Developer"  in the Release Notes include:

  • A global browser console

  • HTML5 <input type="range"> form control implemented

  • Write more accessible pages on touch interfaces with new ARIA role for key buttons

  • Unprefixed requestAnimationFrame added

  • Blink effect from text-decoration: blink dropped; and <blink> element completely removed




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