ReSharper Adds Support For C#7
ReSharper Adds Support For C#7
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 19 December 2016

The latest release of ReSharper has added support for  Visual Studio 2017 RC, C# 7 and VB.NET 15.

ReSharper is a plug in for Visual Studio that code navigation and editing features. The ReSharper product comes in two versions, one for  C# , VB.NET, XAML and so on and another specific to C++.

The new release, ReSharper 2016.3, adds initial support for Visual Studio 2017 RC, C# 7 and VB.NET 15. It also lets you run and debug .NET Core unit tests. You can still use ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 with Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015.

The new release adds three new actions to the code generation actions list for C# and VB.NET. You now get Relational members that can be used to automatically overload relational operators (>, <, , ) and/or implement IComparable and IComparable<T> using selected fields and properties.

There's a new relational comparer that creates a comparer class derived from Comparer<T> using selected fields and properties; and a new dispose pattern action that you can use to generate an implementation of IDisposable with optional nullability checks and destructor for unmanaged members.

Another improvement in the new release is a quick-fix to introduce fields and auto properties from all unused parameters. Earlier versions of ReSharper had a quick-fix that would do the same thing for a single parameter, but this has been extended so that it can be applied to all unused parameters at once.

There's also a new context action on fields of type Lazy<T> to introduce a property to encapsulate fieldname.Value.


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Unit testing is another area to have been improved. The unit testing features can now be used for xUnit and NUnit-based unit tests in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0.x projects in Visual Studio 2015, in a similar way to running tests with .NET Framework projects. However, the lightweight solution load and new .NET Core unit testing in Visual Studio 2017 RC aren't supported at the moment, and will only be added in a further update.

Other changes include better support for TypeScript, JavaScript and JSON, as well as more ways to inject languages.



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