Eclipse Neon Released
Eclipse Neon Released
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 27 June 2016

This year's annual release train from the Eclipse Foundation has shipped. Following its alphabetic naming convention its name starts with an N. Unusually Neon isn't a reference to a celestial body. Instead it's a gas.





This is the eleventh year that the foundation has put out a coordinated release of multiple Eclipse projects, with 84 projects in the Neon release. Among the highlights are an improved Eclipse JSDT, better support for Docker Tooling, and the first prime release of the Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle.

Eclipse JSDT (JavaScript Development Tools) 2.0 has new tools for JavaScript developers, including a JSON editor, support for Grunt/Gulp and a new Chromium V8 Debugger. The Java Development Tools (JDT) project has also been updated, and now comes with support for High Dots Per Inch (HiDPI) displays. The Content Assist feature in JDT has also been improved so it highlights matched characters and provides substring completion.

The PHP Development Tools Package (PDT) now supports PHP 7, and the performance has been improved. There are new breakpoints for dealing with exceptions, and the editor offers annotated views when classes or methods are deprecated.

Eclipse's Automated Error Reporting (AERI) client has been updated so that it can now be integrated into any third-party Eclipse plug-in or standalone RCP application.

A new storage service has been added to the Eclipse mix. The Eclipse User Storage Service (USS) doesn't let you put irritating users into cold storage (shame), but instead can be used by projects to store and retrieve user data and preferences from Eclipse servers.

The new projects in this release, apart from the Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle, are:

  • Egerrit, a plug-in that integrates Gerrit into Eclipse

  • Paho, an open source messaging client that implements the MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols

  • Andmore, a utlity that adds Android Tooling

  • EMF Parsley, a set of reusable user interface components for the Eclipse Modeling Framework

  • Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry, which adds support for the Pivotal open PaaS.

Alongside the Neon release, the foundation has produced a 7-day Neon webinar series.

The next release train, due next June, will be called Oxygen, following the "gaseous theme" established with Neon.


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