Orion 13 Released With ECMA 2016 Support
Orion 13 Released With ECMA 2016 Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 30 December 2016

Orion 13.0 has just been released with code formatting and complete support for the ECMAScript 2016 language.

Orion is a browser based open tool integration platform aimed at web developers. Orion is managed by the Eclipse Foundation, who also provide the OrionHub, a service that lets you experiment with Orion. The IDE can also be downloaded and run in your own instance.

Much of the work in the new release has been in language tooling, with code formatting, support for .jsbeautifyrc files and full ECMA 2016 support.  The developers have also done some work towards supporting Java.

The support for code formatting comes via a platform API that can be used to add formatting to any language. The IDE now lets you choose to format code when you save your projects. Alternatively, you can choose to format code within the editor from menus. Orion ships with language formatting implementations for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JSON.

Alongside the language tooling, the developers have worked on making Orion easier to use. There are improvements to the node.js server, and improved accessibility.  The developers say that the accessibility is not yet complete, but Orion 14 will be fully accessible. In this version accessibility has been improved:

"across the board – from standard labels to the code edit widget and everything in-between. "

The code edit widget has also been improved, so that you can now see the keybinding dialog, and you can now add your own custom code folding, This makes use of a new function in Orion 13 called editorViewer.editor.addFoldingAnnotation that lets you add your own folding annotations based on text model change events.

Another innovation in this release is an an experimental version of Orion that runs as an Electron app. Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. In this version of Orion, the Electron app has to be built and run locally, but the developers plan to extend it, and are working on providing regular builds of the app.

orion electron


There's support for the Language Server Protocol (LSP) in this release of Orion. LSP is used between a tool that acts as the client, and a language smartness provider that acts as the server. It integrates features like auto complete, goto definition, and find all references into the tool. Eclipse announced the LSP last summer, and this release of Orion has experimental support for the LSP and for Java that can be used on your local machine.

You can try out Orion 13 on the OrionHub.


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