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81 Halloween Patents Threaten Google And Android
82 SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2013
83 Telegraph Contributor Says Coding Is For Exceptionally Dull Weirdos
84 Top Coder And CloudSpokes Join Forces
85 NoSQL Job Trends
86 Microsoft Drops Top Level Certifications At Short Notice
87 Steve Ballmer To Retire
88 Code By Voice Faster Than Keyboard
89 MSDN - Just Another Marketing Option?
90 Yahoo Bets Its Future On Research
91 MSDN Site Revamped
92 Erik Demaine On How To Do Research
93 Are APIs Copyrightable? Computer Scientists Urge Court To Say No
94 Autistic Workers For Software Testing
95 US Appeals Court Divided Over Software Patent Eligibility
96 An App for Google I/O 2013
97 Is Programming Skill Related To Age?
98 RunRevLive.13 Conference
99 Software Engineer Third Best Job
100 Microsoft - Cancelling A Project
101 Who Pays Software Engineers The Most?
102 Microsoft's Patent Tracker Goes Live
103 No Gender Gap In Satisfaction With Technical Salaries
104 Google's Keep Reaps The Backlash
105 Queen Elizabeth Prize For Engineering Recognizes Internet and Web
106 Goldwasser and Micali win Turing Award
107 Facebook Is The Best Place To Work
108 Anime Scrum - An Overview
109 Agile As Family Therapy
110 DevWeek 2013 - One Week To Go
111 The Economic Outlook for Developers
112 Job Trends Via Twitter Activity
113 DevWeek 2013
114 .NET Developers Salaries
115 JSTOR Extends Free Access - But Not Much
116 Occupy ACM - No More Paywalls
117 Apple's Patents Crumble - Pinch Zoom Rejected
118 Bill Gates To Deliver 2013 Dimbleby Lecture
119 Coursera Career Services Announced
120 Patent Office Invalidates Apple's Rubber-banding Patent
121 SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2012
122 Celebrate Programmer Day
123 Conference for Software Architects
124 Digital Stress From Multitasking
125 SAFECode Guidance for Agile Practitioners
126 Shortage of Java Developers?
127 Saving the O'Reilly Animals
128 Google Introduces Developer Expert Program
129 FSF Restricted Boot Campaign
130 Mozilla Ignite - A New Competition
131 Ubuntu's App Creation Competition
132 Patent Wars
133 Making Mayhem
134 Scriptkitty Dreams - Rights for Programmers!
135 New Institute for Computer Science
136 Grace Hopper Award Goes to CAPTCHA inventor
137 Azure Gamified - More Badges!
138 Google's SketchUp Acquired by Trimble
139 Apple's WWDC Conference Sold Out
140 SQLServer and SharePoint Connections
141 MintChip Challenge Offers Gold Rewards
142 Computer Programmers - Relatively Sleep Deprived
143 Developer Job Trends
144 Microsoft @ DevWeek 2012
145 DevWeek 2012
146 Imagine Cup Grant Winners Announced
147 Visual Studio Achievements Program
148 Application Developers Alliance
149 What Makes a Great Software Engineer
150 Facebook Hacker Cup 2012
151 Are Bugs Seasonal?
152 Tips for Getting Hired by a Startup
153 Data Scientists: Highly Skilled and In Demand
154 NYT on the Future of Computing
155 Computer Science in Top Ten Degrees That Pay Back
156 Google I/O 2012 - Longer and Later
157 Developer Salaries Set to Rise
158 C++ Going Native Conference
159 Kinect Accelerator - An Incubation Program
160 Opportunities for Intel AppUp Developers
161 Gamify your Software Project with RedCritter Tracker
162 Perl Workshop
163 Take the Facebook Test to Get a Job
164 What does it take to get a job at Google?
165 Ruby competition in Silicon Valley
166 Patent Evil
167 .NET programmers in demand
168 Gamers want reality and relevance
169 How to build an effective team - include women
170 Wanted - hacker expertise
171 Gartner Predicts Rise of Citizen Developers
172 MSDN site gets Metro treatment
173 Can we fill the good jobs of the future?
174 Luxembourg hosts ICT Spring Europe 2011
175 Member of GOF joins Microsoft Visual Studio team
176 Google faces lawsuit over stolen secrets
177 UK Ingres Users Association Conference
178 Algorithmic challenges
179 Amazon promotes advanced computing - as a way to make money!
180 New Microsoft developer conference in UK and Germany
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