Book Reviewers Wanted!
Written by Book Review Editor   

Would you like to become an I Programmer book reviewer? If so here are the benefits:

  • Free e-books of newly published titles on topics you are interested in.

  • Your name appearing on a prestigious site.
    Even as a guest reviewer we will print your name and if you become a regular reviewer your bio can be added here.

  • Our reviews are authoritative - build your reputation as an expert



What are you looking for by way of experience and expertise?

I Programmer's claim is "Written for programmers, by programmers" and that our book reviews are written by experts in specific programming topics. So we do ask that potential reviewers choose topics where they have useful background knowledge. Enthusiasm is also important.


English isn't my first language can you publish a review in another language?

All reviews will need to appear in English and our editorial team can help the with final polishing. 


I am an author can I review my own book?

Sorry - no - we make a point of impartial reviews. However, if you want to promote your book how about writing a short article based on a central idea? If that's of interest email with your proposal.


Do you have any contributor guidelines?

You can email for a template and there are plenty of examples of book reviews on the site. Remember, though, that we are looking for your personal opinions so you don't need to follow the style, just the form. 


What do I have to do to be accepted?

One route is to send in a review of relevant book that isn't yet included on our site. Aim for 750 words and include the title, the ISBN number, your own name and email address. There's no need to send the book jacket and any .doc or .txt file can be accepted.

Alternatively send in a list of the topics you would be interested in covering and your level of expertise in each and we'll match that to a suitable title.


What happens next?

You'll quickly get feedback. If your first review is accepted without major revisions, you'll be asked to send in an email confirming you are willing for it to appear and that the review is your own work. After that formality, you can expect to see it on I Programmer within a few days and we'll offer you a further title to review.

If you have other questions email

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 November 2017 )