Artificial Intelligence
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1 The Paradox of Artificial Intelligence Harry Fairhead
2 Expert Systems and Prolog Mike James
3 Why Handsfree Data Is The Future of Tech Efficiency Harry Wilson
4 The Genetic Algorithm Mike James
5 Database The Prolog Way Mike James
6 Fuzzy Logic And Uncertainty In AI Mike James
7 The Greeks, George Boole and Prolog Alex Armstrong & Mike James
8 Rule-Based Matching In Natural Language Processing Jannes Klaas
9 Ethics Guidelines For Trustworthy AI Nikos Vaggalis
10 Do AI, Automation and the No-Code Movement Threaten Our Jobs? Nikos Vaggalis
11 Autoencoders In Keras Rowel Atienza
12 IBM, Slack, Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing Nikos Vaggalis
13 How Will AI Transform Life By 2030? Initial Report Nikos Vaggalis
14 Achieving Autonomous AI Is Closer Than We Think Nikos Vaggalis
15 Why AlphaGo Changes Everything Mike James
16 Autonomous Robot Weaponry - The Debate Nikos Vaggalis
17 The Triumph Of Deep Learning Mike James
18 ROS (Robotic Operating Systems) Everywhere! Frank Tobe
19 Robot cars - provably uncrashable? Mike James
20 Watson Wins Jeopardy! - Trick or Triumph Mike James