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1 Being Threadsafe - An Introduction to the Pitfalls of Parallelism Mike James
2 The Trick Of The Mind - Recursion Mike James
3 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Transcendental Numbers Mike James
4 The Trick Of The Mind - Advanced Loops Mike James
5 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Lambda Calculus Mike James
6 The Trick Of The Mind - Top Down Mike James
7 How Not To Shuffle - The Knuth Fisher-Yates Algorithm Mike James
8 The Trick Of The Mind - Modular Programming Mike James
9 Programmer's Guide To Theory - The Algorithm of Choice Mike James
10 The Trick Of The Mind - Why Objects Mike James
11 The Trick Of The Mind - The Loop Zoo Mike James
12 The Trick Of The Mind - Algorithms Binary Search Mike James
13 Universal Hashing Mike James
14 The Trick Of The Mind - Debugging As The Scientific Method Mike James
15 The Trick Of The Mind - Representation Mike James
16 The Invertible Bloom Filter Mike James
17 The Bloom Filter Mike James
18 The Trick Of The Mind - On Being Variable Mike James
19 Managing Asynchronous Code - Callbacks, Promises & Async/Await Mike James
20 The Trick Of The Mind - Little Languages Arithmetic Mike James
21 What Is Asynchronous Programming? Mike James
22 The Trick Of The Mind -The Strange Incident of The Goto Considered Harmful Mike James
23 The Trick Of The Mind - Big Languages Are Turing Complete Mike James
24 The Trick Of The Mind Mike James
25 Sorting And Search Algorithms as Dances Mike James
26 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Finite State Machines Mike James
27 Programmer's Guide To Theory - What Is Recursion Mike James
28 The Goto, Spaghetti and the Velociraptor Mike James
29 The Essence Of Loops Mike James
30 Programmer's Guide To Theory - In Search Of Aleph-One Mike James
31 Covariance And Contravariance - A Simple Guide Mike James
32 Who’s Afraid of eXtreme Programming Mike James
33 Programmer's Guide To Theory - NP Complete Mike James
34 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Aleph Zero The First Transfinite Mike James
35 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Kolmogorov Complexity Mike James
36 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Why Recursion Mike James
37 The Monty Hall Problem Mike James
38 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Where Do The Big Os Come From Mike James
39 Programmer's Guide To Theory - Numbers Mike James
40 Programmer's Guide To Theory - The Halting Problem Mike James
41 Programmer's Guide To Theory - NP & Co-NP Mike James
42 What Exactly Is A First Class Function - And Why You Should Care Ian Elliot
43 Functional And Dysfunctional Programming Mike James
44 Quadtrees and Octrees Mike James
45 The Programmer's Guide To The Transfinite Mike James
46 Dangerous Logic - De Morgan & Programming Mike James
47 The Working Programmer's Guide To Language Paradigms Mike James
48 Parentheses Are Trees Mike James
49 Lambdas and Delegates - Why Bother? Mike James
50 The Trick Of The Mind - Turing Complete Mike James
51 Late Binding - Myths and Reality Mike James
52 Think Global, Act Local - The Bigger Pattern Architect
53 Simple Runtime Framework by Example Alexey Lyashko
54 Understanding the Fourier Transform Stuart Riffle
55 A Simple Virtual Machine Alexey Lyashko
56 Compression - the Starr Guide Darren Starr
57 Why await? Why not multithread the UI? Mike James
58 The truth about REST Ian Elliot
59 Stack architecture demystified Eli Bendersky
60 Guide to F# Mike James
61 MVC - it's the routing stupid! Mike James
62 Strong Typing Nikos Vaggalis
63 Weakly Typed Languages Nikos Vaggalis
64 Design a UX the Quince way Mike James
65 Type Systems Demystified Nikos Vaggalis